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The milestones shown here one by one are a stimulus and help for the inclined reader to study recent history on the basis of theosophical principles. When they are put together, a mosaic of world events emerges.

Through their reception it becomes possible to discover the seemingly hidden threads that run through world events like nerve tracts. In the next step, their interconnection can be recognised. The weaving pattern thus discovered leads to the trace of the lower and higher impulse givers who struggle against each other for the welfare or enslavement of humanity.

Their means and methods differ fundamentally: fear-producing religion as an essential weapon and demagogy on the one hand, and luminous stimulation with theosophical knowledge on the other.

We combine this invitation to study the Waymarks with the knowledge that through this work a change is created in the inner being of the individual which makes subjective progress possible. The principle: “Energy follows thought” then becomes recognisably true. In the selective retrospect of special events, their effect and consequences can be recognised in an exemplary manner.

If it is possible to maintain this perception and active mental participation in world events alongside everyday life and its duties, we can confirm that the greatest progress on the path of the spirit can be achieved in this for the present time.

The theosophical principles which must be recognised by the student in this work are the reality of reincarnation, the essential brotherly good, the essential organised dark evil and the cosmic law of the balancing of every action, that is, karma.

Every discerning thought that arises from the study of the waymarks can become a thread in the tapestry of the future and change the existing pattern. The living thought causes, with a time delay, multiplicative actions of people in the outer world.

Advanced readers can thus further expand their knowledge. The exclusive consumption of the theosophical/esoteric teachings causes little slow progress and produces a small limited world of thought.