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Waymark 24


The world is rapidly moving towards a revitalised racism and nationalism.

Theosophically /Esoterically, the ideas of race and nation can be found as a matter of course in all important written works of the last hundred years.

The turning point from the spiritual point of view of planetary development, beginning with Blavatsky’s teaching from 1875, also included the no longer existing meaning of race and nation. In his lectures, Rudolf Steiner gave indications of the expiring meaning and explained the end of these categories from a spiritual point of view. The Tibetan (in his later writings) also contains references here and there to the distortion and misuse of the concept of race, which should no longer be used in this form. In the same sense, his reference to blood relationship (and blood in the broader sense as a sign of belonging, from the family to the nation) should no longer be emphasised in favour of the concept of group affiliation. The significance of the concept of race in the past will not be discussed here. Fascism in Germany under Hitler and his clique is certainly an example of what is historically outdated.

According to the occult law, these categories were transformed from a contemporary good into an untimely evil, as always happens in the course of time.

Now dark forces, openly or only imperfectly hidden, are taking up these useless principles again and turning them once more into slogans for their politics and education. They want to make people believe that this is the solution to all the world’s problems. If this flood of lies prevails, it will bring about the end of all democratic forms of government and enable tyranny based on lies and stultification. This would bring about a dark time worldwide.

The extent to which the higher forms of life will watch such a failure without reaction is something that each reader can work out for themselves. For them, the question is whether the spiritual yield achieved should be secured in humanity or whether the negative development is only seen as a ripple effect. Securing the yield would be associated with an intervention in planetary events. Furthermore, from a higher perspective, it is necessary to assess what resources can still be expected in nature after the end of a wave for the survival of the humanity that then exists. With the prospect of a reincarnation of human souls into other new life forms, the view of the higher beings is certainly different from that of human petty minds in the claws of totalitarian ideologies and religions.

It is not the intention at this point to name and describe in detail individual developments in different regions of the planet.

In our texts we have used the appropriate term culture instead of race, as it is overarching and does not include origin in the sense of race.

However, we also recommend dealing with this term in such a way that it is examined which characteristics the respective experienced or observed culture produces in its self-image. A naïve, gullible romanticism towards any culture is the new harmful development to be observed.

If core questions are not asked to test culture, it becomes an equally great threat to existing social human communities.

Certainly no one with intellectual potential will submit to a culture or accept it:

  • women or suppresses their personal development. This can be as simple as forcing women to wear headscarves.
  • disrespects different religions and places his own religion above them.
  • does not support children in their upbringing and education and instead exploits them
  • Educating the male part of the population in such a way that it increasingly resembles a kind of “orc” civilisation.

The very selection of these criteria and their scrutinising application to planetary life reveals the dreadful state in which human cultural life finds itself. The current situation, seen globally, is a dance on the razor’s edge and the outcome in the future is open. Theosophists (including esotericists of all colours, as always) can and should only exert influence in daily life through comprehensive global thoughts and actions. The solution will not fall from the sky and a Messiah in the former form is not to be expected in this state of the world. The higher life is full of concern as the dark cloud is constantly growing and the light gained is fading.

There is a lack of clear minds that take the essence from the past teachings of the last 100 years and apply it to the present time. Too many spiritual students who are mindful of their salvation ego remain in the past.

In addition to irregular texts in this place, we will focus on an ever-increasing number of thinking people who just need a nudge towards the light. Since there is a child in every adult who brings and keeps the longing for light, we will tell stories as simply as possible in other places. If there is a smile at these stories, even if it is patronising, then we have almost reached our goal. Theo/esotericists looking at themselves contentedly are certainly well catered for with our contributions in this place for now.