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And where is God now?

The counter-question could be asked as an answer: Which god of gods? From the perspective of the human soul, the personal angel is already a godlike authority for many souls. Spiritual representatives of the threefold earthly existence can, depending on the mental connection to them, be perceived as god-like. From the perspective that includes the Christ, it is the Logos of the entire solar system (greater life) that deserves this name.

The system in which the entire human evolution is embedded and its representative, who was and is called Christ, can be named with the term God. But how does that stand in relation to the Great Life and beyond that in infinity? The truth of the divine shows itself in infinite degrees.

Then there is also the special apostate being, apostate from Greater Life, who presumes this concept of God and occupies a multitude of religions under changing names and illusions. Its representatives are the narcissists and egoists of this world, whose way is the big lie. His ideology is the denial of the transmigration of souls, combined with the spread of fear of death. One of his main battlegrounds is earthly existence in order to keep the souls there in ignorance of the truth of the transmigration of souls and thus to stop the development of the Greater Life, otherwise its strength and power will dwindle.