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The result of the spiritual development of earthly life

The quality that the souls have attained in the Earth cycle according to the plan of Greater Life is expressed in community, ethics of benevolence and human love as well as in actions that are shaped by these qualities. The life cycle of GL determines our earthly cycle. Earth people, at the intersection of GL’s struggle for development, are entrusted with the task of saving the spiritual impulse that has penetrated deeply into earthly matter and, connected with gained soul experience, to another form of expression of its existence, according to their free will to let pass. How much of this purified and spiritually charged group soul substance are necessary to let them work as sufficient gain for the greater life of our system? If the examination of the higher instance does not give a satisfactory result, another major life cycle of a first dimension earth will be necessary. If the test gives a sufficient, the experiential soul group will advance in existence as a community. The remaining souls will go into a new round after a long sleep. In which existence this happens is open, it can be another GL and is dependent on contexts that are more comprehensive than the GL itself, i.e. due to the cycles of the Great Life, (a cosmic system) of which the GL is a part.

Even if the test is unsatisfactory, the evolved souls will go their way separately from the others through the second dimension. The current cycle for the earth world has passed the material low point and there is a pull up to the spiritual origin. Those who lack spiritual and spiritual experiences and whose focus is completely on the material are not caught by this magnetic pull. They are left behind for another new opportunity in the future.