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Since souls are neither male nor female, the term brotherhood is to be understood free of this distinction.

The more experienced and knowing a soul is, the deeper it penetrates into the existing groups of souls with the same or more extensive experience. In doing so, it has to overcome crises and hurdles that are not physical, not physical, but on the emotional and mental level. There are minor resistances and major trials in this process that we can call initiations.

The brotherhood is formed from these soul groups and its structure is strictly based on the experience gained (through actions) and the existing knowledge. Not all knowledge is intended for the general public. The brotherhood has its home in the second dimension and in a very advanced form in the third. Few of their outposts are left in the physical world, as secret places practically barely exist.

Its members incarnate physically, according to the needs of the individual soul, but they will always carry the endeavor of the brotherhood as a whole to lead human souls to experience and knowledge. Their activity takes place in all areas of civilization. In addition to knowledge, the essential necessary quality is the ability to work together, in modern language “teamwork”.

The outstanding, masterful members show themselves in physical existence with particularly prominent lives in which they set milestones for long periods of time. The teaching imparted by the Brotherhood is manifold on the lines of sevenfold spiritual energy. For the West, the following should be emphasized for the last 150 years: H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, R. Steiner.

Then there are also the well-known great souls of the East and many more in science and art. The teachings have an old western tradition and an older eastern tradition, as well as many references to very old teachings from different cultures, some of which no longer exist. The teaching for the present and the future is mental and intuitive, it does not require any sorcery or dark magic.

The above are initiates of various degrees of brotherhood. For the followers of Rudolf Steiner it should be noted at this point: He is an initiate of high degree in a group of initiates of high degree.

In their incarnation in physical life, the members of the fraternity, female or male, are often married and have families and children. Like everyone else, they have to take care of the everyday things of life and they have needs and worries like everyone else. But at the same time, usually unnoticed, they lead an inner spiritual life.

If reality makes it possible, then, often only for a decade, there is a highly productive public spiritual work, which in turn often only later shows a visible effect in the general public. Irrational expectations and images have been developed in the past through unrealistic descriptions of these larger and larger souls. As an example, I recommend that everyone count the days in relation to their age that Ghandi actually worked in public to free India from the bondage of colonialism.