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Waymark 21


Fascism likes to change its uniform.

Yesterday black and today modern, it is so easy to deceive and try to keep the viewer in the dark.

The definition of fascism is quickly described:

The leader principle as a personality cult; a racially or nationally based elitism; exaggerated nationalism; a willingness to use violence both internally and externally.

Today, these characteristics can be found in individuals and organizations, religiously, economically, politically, in the most diverse external disguises. It can be said that fascism has learned.

There are so many countries, including those in the western world, which are on the road to disaster or have almost reached their destination, despite having a democratic constitution. Of course, we are tempted to list all these examples here, but we do not want to do the henchmen of evil the honor of being named here. Readers are advised to take a look for themselves from state to state.

The methods of fascism are quickly described:

Creating fear; spreading lies; presenting oneself as a victim (perpetrator-victim reversal); forbidding the truth. The current state of the planet also shows the connection between religion and oppression on a threatening scale.

If we leave the outer level visible to the human eye and could perceive on subtle (astral and mental) levels, the old ugly, dark and dirty figures would show themselves there as they always have. It is always the same forms of entities that are at work in these events and are directed from the dark background.

The two drivers, essentially underground and originally above ground but fallen, have well-known names, which are deliberately avoided here.

In their interplay, one of the two subterranean forces is primarily interested in violence and chaos, in people’s destroyed bodies and their fear that outlasts incarnations.

The Other has given his higher origin in order to feast on people’s excesses and thus their mental self-abandonment by enthusiastically implanting elitism in them. In this way, he creates a subtle parallel world of his own permanent followers. One tortures through hardship and violence, the other seduces and deceives, both preventing the development of human souls as intended.

When the Buddha speaks of the golden mean, he is referring to the path between the two dark poles.