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Waymark 18


We hereby bring to your attention a text by Master D.K., the Tibetan, which, without additions, has a profound effect even for today.

We have made adjustments in 4 smallest places for understanding.

The book “Esoteric Healing” can be found and read in free access on the web on the site of Lucis Trust. The numbering of 403 in the text makes it possible to get quickly to this passage of text (this is not the page number). All of Alice Bailey’s and the Tibetan’s books are freely available online at the aforementioned site.

“The theory (truth) of reincarnation, so familiar to all my readers, is becoming more popular in the West; in the East it has always been accepted (though with many foolish additions and interpretations). This teaching has been as much distorted as the teachings of Christ or Buddha or Sri Krishna by the narrow and limited views of the theologians. The basic facts of a spiritual origin, a descent into matter, an ascent by means of continuous incarnations in a form – until these forms express the indwelling spirit consciousness in a perfected manner – and a series of initiations at the end of the incarnational cycle are now much more readily accepted and acknowledged than ever before.

These are the main explanations for the problems of immortality and the continuance of the human soul; they go to answer the eternal questions and doubts of the human heart as to whence, why, whither and where. Only the last of the proposed explanations offers a truly rational answer. Its acceptance has been delayed because it has always been presented by others in such a silly, clumsy way since the time when H. P. Blavatsky formulated this elementary truth for the modern world in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The spread (403) of this teaching has also been inhibited by the fact that the Eastern cultures, which have always believed in it, have been regarded in the West as pagans, and these “bow down in their blindness to wood and stone”, as a passage in your Fundamentalist Hymn reads. How strange this idea is to the people of Eastern countries when they see that the religious people of the West do the same, since they too are on their knees before Christian altars on which are statues of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Apostles.

The occultists of the world, through the Theosophical Societies and other so-called occult associations, have greatly damaged the presentation of the truth about reincarnation by adding superfluous, unimportant, inaccurate and purely speculative details which they pass off as the truth about the processes of death and the circumstances in which man finds himself after death. These details are largely based on the clairvoyant vision of prominent astral mediums in the Theosophical Society. But in the sacred writings of the world these details are not to be found, nor did H. P. B. give any in the “Secret Doctrine”. An example of this inaccurate and foolish attempt to throw light on the theory of rebirth is the assertion that a certain limited time is prescribed for the departed human souls between incarnations on the physical plane and the return to physical rebirth; there are given many years of absence depending on the age of the departed soul and its step on the evolutionary ladder. If – we are told – the soul is very advanced, the absence from the physical plane is prolonged; just the reverse is the case. Advanced souls and those whose intellectual faculties are developing rapidly return very soon because they respond in a sensitive way to the pull or influence of obligations, interests and responsibilities already existing in the outer world. People easily forget that “time” is a sequence of events and states of consciousness registered by the physical brain. Where there is no physical brain, there is no such thing as what humanity understands by time. The gradual removal of the barriers imposed by form brings an ever-increasing realisation of the Eternal Now. In those who have passed through the gate of death and who still think in terms of time, this is due to delusion and the continuance of a powerful thought-form. This indicates that they are polarised (or anchored) on the astral plane. This is the plane on which leading Theosophical writers and mediums have worked and on which they have based their writings. They are quite honest in what they say, but fail to recognise the illusory nature of all discoveries based on astral clairvoyance. The perception and recognition of a pronounced element of time and the constant emphasis on the determination of time are characteristic of all highly evolved people in incarnation and of those whose lower concrete mind is a powerful factor. Children and infantile cultures, on the one hand, and on the other, those highly evolved people whose abstract thinking faculty is functional (with the help of the interpretive lower thinking faculty), usually have no sense of time. The initiate uses the time element in his relations and intercourse with those who live on the physical plane; but within himself he is free from it and does not recognise any time factor anywhere in the universe.”