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Heart 9


20. If the knowledge of feeling is not awakened, even reality, even the obvious, are not accessible.

You cannot force anyone to perceive the obvious, or even the amazing. Later, people will say to you, “Why do I not see and hear anything when the invisible world exists?”

It is like the sick who refuse treatment; they are not averse to recovering, but at the same time they turn their consciousness against the doctor. Thus it would be useful to compare the sighted with the spiritually blind. One could find out the causes of the success of the one and the destruction of the other. Thus, by comparing obvious phenomena, one can solve many questions of the interaction of worlds.

The Invisible World is in reality highly visible if the eye is not contaminated. There is no need of mediumistic appearances to feel the light of the Higher World, but one can only ascend to the Highest; therefore all the forced dodges of lower magic are nothing compared with the first light of the heart.

Few know the fires of the heart, but these torches must shine to all. That is why vituperation against the Spirit and rejection of the Teacher are so grave. I say: You can ponder over the Teacher for a long time, but if you have chosen one, do not fall away! Let us reveal understanding of the fundamentals of the structure.