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Heart 4



A Shamballa Teaching

6. Doubt is the downfall of quality. Doubt is the grave of the heart. Doubt is the source of ugliness. Doubt must be remembered in every conversation, for where can we go without quality? What will we understand without the heart? What will we achieve without beauty?

People will ask: Why first “unlimitedness”, then “hierarchy” and only then “heart”, why not the other way round? But first comes the direction, then the connection and then the means. One must not spoil this sacred means by doubting it.

Let us consider the nature of a man’s pulse when he doubts and likewise in an hour of true striving. If doubt can alter the pulse and emanations, how physically corrosive will it be to the nervous system. The psychic energy* is virtually devoured by doubt.

After doubt let us remember betrayal itself, for who is closer to doubt than the betrayer? But the darkness here can only be overcome by connection with the Hierarchy, with that which is inevitable, like the shining of the sun. Truly it burns, but without it there would be darkness!