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Effectiveness of Human Souls in the Greater Life

Many of the humanities teachings of the last 200 years were intended to promote and prepare the development process of earthly existence at the low point of the current earth cycle. What amount of experienced, developed souls the Greater Life regards as sufficient income is open. Here we are dealing with mysterious questions. Are a few thousand highly developed earthly souls enough for the Greater Life as the result of one earthly cycle? No soul is lost in time and space, because it is ultimately energy, but the paths that the soul groups or masses of souls take at the end of a partial cycle of the Greater Life can be different. No ideology or religion has any prerogative to be preferred on this path. The spiritual weight of a soul is measured by its awareness of spiritual truths, the work done for the common good and the defense of light against darkness. The work on the common good, the effective cohesion (binding agent) of the existence of the GL, is the life essence of the higher form of the GL and will be appreciated for the path of the souls. This work is the life essence of the higher form of the Greater Life and will be honored for the path of souls. In working on the common good we weave and work in the garment of the Greater Life, in which we as soul ourselves, not physically, are a part.

The GL itself supports this process of progress, indirectly through the inspiration of individual, very advanced souls, who in turn inspire others. Basically, the GL works for the earth through seven different forms of spiritual energy and thus also groups of spirits. It was personified for earth especially in him who is also called Christ.

The GL is not distant from us and observes and punishes us, but the human spiritual souls are a living part of it alongside all other forms of being and everything that is there.