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The assumption that death is the end of existence or brings with it a decision about heaven or hell works backwards into the life of young persons. The addiction not to want to miss anything, the fear of the end, the quarrel with fate, the suffering from injustice, all of this leads to a depressive mood, which often has an effect early on in life. The manipulation of thinking into the belief in the allegedly one, decisive life confuses and frightens the soul. While death is actually a transition, paradise is a delusion and a sellable invention. It may be that experiences in the middle world after death are perceived as much more peaceful and harmonious for the conscious soul there, but the next path into the earthly battlefield cannot be avoided.

The transition takes place in time – on the basis of earthly time – looking back and reliving. In the temporal structure of the middle dimension, it is not experienced as long-lasting for the soul. Then follows a state of dreaming and sleeping or a mental entry into active participation in group soul activities in the middle dimension. For a new physical incarnation, hundreds of years may have passed in the first world.