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Waymark 1


We begin a journey to significant landmarks of contemporary events since the last world war.

Among other things, we will quote special texts from the teachings of the Tibetan Master D.K., who published a complete spiritual teaching together with Alice Bailey between 1920 and 1949.

Of course, the factor of time has to be taken into account and so we will – if necessary – make special reference to this relativity.

A quotation with a current context is chosen for the first part.

D. K. writes about Ghandi from the perspective of the war that is still taking place:

” […] The attitude of pacifists and those people who wish to conciliate and appease; it is idealists and enthusiasts for whom Gandhi serves as a model. He personifies the uncompromising but unworldly fanatic who is willing to sacrifice lives, nations and the future of humanity to achieve the desired goal. If Gandhi were to succeed now, he would unleash a civil war in India and destroy any hope of early liberation of the country; he would thereby enable the Japanese to easily conquer this great country and cause a bloodbath of immense proportions. Germany could then unite with Japan across Asia, which would probably result in the victory of the totalitarian powers. And that would be horrendous.”

We know in retrospect that the civil war took place in India and ultimately led to the division into what is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Gandhi achieved liberation from the colonial rule of the British, he could not prevent the religious civil war. The danger seen by D.K. was prevented by the entry of the USA into the war and the commitment of Japanese forces in the Pacific War. However, the USA’s participation in the war was long controversial domestically. The large section of the population in the USA that adhered to pacifism and saw Ghandi as a role model could only be outvoted after Pearl Harbour. Mahatma M. had already seen an attack by Japan as a turning point for the war in the 1930s in the preview of the physical war from 1939. Here it may be remembered that the war on the astral/mental plane had already had some years’ advance. The books and diaries of H. Roerich give a clear insight into this.

In retrospect, it can be stated that without the entry of the USA into the war, the defeat of the Allies would have been sealed with the victory of the Axis powers, Germany and Japan. D.K. stated that for this eventuality the Brotherhood would have closed its physical and higher bases and left the planet. The preparations for this had been made.

Here we end the first part of the time travel. The next part will deal with the area of Palestine.

Readers may find a real connection to the current wars, for example in Ukraine.

We do not give a historical treatise, but present connections from a theosophical point of view, which should be worked out by the readers. Today’s digital world enables retrospective study in a form never before possible, but also with the danger of encountering countless lies and falsifications.