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Waymark 28


“Under the great Law of Synthetic Expression (called by us the Law of Synthesis, the Law which governs the First Divine Aspect), the Hierarchy must advance in such a way that the endeavour must embrace both the physical plane and the higher planes. The activity set in motion must extend to the three worlds of human evolution as well as the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad. Do not forget the overlapping of these two worlds which takes place on the mental plane…” (The Rays and the Initiations, 334)

Even if by “hierarchy” the Tibetan means the planetary heart centre, this statement can be applied to both centres, i.e. also to Shamballa.

“We are working and living in the early stages of the period in which preparations are being made for the appearance of the Hierarchy in the world of men. This emergence is at present taking place only on mental levels, but when the thought-form of exoteric existence is generated by Humanity itself and the invocative call is intense enough, the Great Ashram will slowly appear on the physical plane. (The Rays and the Initiations)

The last quote has a much different strength than some other announcements of the Tibetan master. Today, 75 years later, it can be said that the above statement is more accurate than those announcing the outer appearance of the Brotherhood (planetary heart centre) for the second half of the last century. The Brotherhood was obviously so taken with the end of the war that it was more inclined towards the option for the second half of the century. The Tibetan’s reference to the door to “evil” not being completely closed (or opened a crack wide again by humanity itself), in connection with the events in Palestine after the war, was seen as a “secondary option”.

Partial quote: “…when the thought-form of exoteric existence is generated by humanity itself and the invocative call is intense enough”.

This quote describes the reality that has been true for the past 75 years. We realise that the invocative call has remained weak and that a viable thought form is missing. It would have been necessary to increasingly spread the teaching of truth as it is more or less contained in the three teachings we have mentioned (Tibetan, Steiner, Agni Yoga). Invocations (meditations, prayers etc.), which do not selfishly strive for their own salvation, would have been necessary for this and should have been linked to the teachings.

The selfless work carried out is and was valuable, but it has not (yet) been enough for the Brotherhood to take this necessary step. The extent to which the invocative option available to humanity still exists is an open question.

The first quote impressively describes how the work to be done on the physical level of connecting to the subtle higher is a necessity for the Brotherhood as a whole. Every selfish endeavour of humanity to find salvation in a heaven, a paradise or nirvana misses the purpose and plan of this planetary life.

Individual advanced human beings can only find this path if they recognise the unlimited nature of the path. It is the result of the processes in small exclusive circles of the esoteric. The ascension process of individuals must be continued as this is the only way to keep the subtle planetary life alive. It is a progression from level to level. It is not the great leap hoped for by the Tibetan master. There is too much spiritual ambition.

The great religions and their unspeakable offshoots are currently sinking into an increasing sectarianism or are already persisting in it. The Dark Onslaught constricting the planet is on the rise and powerful.

Standing at the abyss, we can look down, or we can turn round and the path leads away from the abyss into the spiritual battle against those who are pushing humanity towards the abyss.

From the memory of a passage in Agni Yoga, which was not found so quickly for this text, the following is the meaning:

The disciples of a spiritual teacher saw that he was about to die, his physical shell was spent. They gathered to say farewell. At the moment of transition, he called out (literal quote): “I want to live!”. They were startled and horrified by this call.

They had forgotten that the purposeful thought at the moment of transition is meaningful for the path that follows. Translated, his exclamation is: “I want to continue working for humanity and the planet and return as soon as possible. I will forgo rest and recuperation. There is so much important work to do!

“In the human centre man identifies himself with himself; in the Hierarchy he identifies himself with the group; in Shamballa he identifies himself with the planetary whole…” (The Rays and the Initiations)