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Terms like esotericism and spirituality have been used up and alienated, sometimes in a deliberate strategy.

In the humanities literature of the last 150 years, the anthropological term of race is also used. This term has also been misused. So if readers of these lines look to literature, it is advisable to understand the concept of race in the intended sense: as ethnic groups, cultural groups, language groups.

Basically, in this publication, on the basis of today’s time, the soul of people is addressed and thus all external and physical characteristics are irrelevant for differentiation, whereby souls naturally also have the most varied of individual characteristics and that is good and meaningful.

The complexity of the terminology of the substantial Eastern works, for example on Buddhism, can be worked out by the Western reader through good, explanatory secondary literature.

Here are some references to literature for the "western reader"

Agni Yoga by Helena Roerich

Books by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan

Rudolf Steiner's works in the Rosicrucian tradition, preferably four Main Books

If you look at the situation in this world on the powder keg, then literature is a supplementary, small component of the life of an aspiring soul, but the saving impulse arises from the daily actions that follow a spiritual ethic.

The value of humanities literature can also be measured with the above-mentioned exam questions in the chapter on religion.