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Waymark 15



A mythical and mysterious name whose true meaning has been damaged in recent years by misinterpretation and marginalisation.

Shamballa is the planetary head centre. The informed reader may find enough analogous connections in the teaching of the chakras/centres to explain the meaning, but it will also become clear to him the great distance, occultly speaking, that exists from the consciousness of the average man. For the average man, the struggle of life consists in penetrating the demands of everyday life with rational (mental) thought, and now and then, through stimuli from art and literature, he succeeds in gaining an insight into the higher mental, as for example in philosophy.

Shamballa is represented by a smaller group of initiates of the levels above Master rank. Disciples of various degrees complete the representatives.

The planetary heart centre is represented by the Brotherhood (Hierarchy) of initiates in the Master rank. Just as Shamballa is domiciled on the atmic plane of the Cosmic-Etheric, so the Hierarchy is domiciled on the Buddhic plane, and thus still almost two levels / planes above the everyday life of man.

To protect their constitution in the attained vibration of the spiritual, both centres ward off access, for the average person in the nocturnal, by testing the vibration brought with them. (This has already been explained in an earlier Waymark.) For people (seekers) in incarnation, contact is even more complex than in the afterlife. A separate waymark follows on the question of contact with the two centres.

The members of the Hierarchy in the Master rank, the planetary heart centre, have direct access to Shamballa, the disciples in their Ashrams only under special conditions, analogous to the aspirant who, because of his energy configuration, aspires to the Hierarchy in order to become a disciple, only rarely is direct contact possible. The spiritual striving and guided life achieved in incarnation makes contact possible after various thresholds have been crossed by “self-effort”. For the heart centre, according to the Tibetan (D.K.), it is a help to find groups of strivers/students through whom the path can be considerably shortened.

The path to Shamballa, based on a special “suitable” energy configuration of the aspirant, is still to be walked predominantly individually and involves the typical occult inner loneliness, the pain of which must be overcome, a process over many incarnations.

This illustration helps to clarify the relationships and differences between the two centres and their relationship to the seeker.

The Tibetan states that the main current endeavour of the World Teacher (Christ) is to intensify the relationship between these two centres (the planetary heart centre and head centre).

The profanation of the very term Shamballa in today’s modern media is misleading and damaging to people. Neither “stones” nor “waters” can bridge the subtle gap to both centres.

H.P.B. is a disciple of Shamballa and his path led through the Ashram of Mahatma Morya. In the text on H.P.B. already given here, the reason for a special story of his path may be found. M. says that H.P.B.’s task and path are irreversible and will continue. For the “Secret Doctrine” M. only gave hints on contents, which H.P.B. then elaborated himself, incidentally in cooperation with the Tibetan Master D.K.

In Agni Yoga, the Shamballa teachings, the information is given that H.P.B. attained liberation in the then following incarnation (4th stage). High spirits who, for whatever reason, take the path through earthly evolution, must also attain the stages of earthly initiations.

From Helena Roerich’s diaries we know that M. migrated away from Shamballa about 80 years ago. The ashram in Shamballa continues to exist and a successor will have taken over who comes from this ashram. The spiritual leadership of Shamballa, which M. says he held, has thus also been passed on.

Shamballa’s work is strongly directed towards the earthly fields of politics, economics, science and to some extent music. The planning of the struggle of the whole Brotherhood of both main centres against the constantly attacking involutionary forces is the responsibility of Shamballa.

We give here an example of the past world war and the forward planning in the Ashrams of Shamballa. To begin with, let us mention three members of the various Ashrams of Shamballa in their incarnations at that time: Roosevelt, Churchill and Atatürk.

In connection with the expected world war, Mahatma M. gives the following information in answer to a question from Helena Roerich:

10 November 1934, Diary

“So you will write that in spite of the opposition the country has never known a more popular President (Roosevelt). His glory will grow in the hearts of the people, for it is commanded. And then you will speak of the intentions to involve the country (USA) in war. I will tell you when the time comes… There will be attempts on two sides. One attempt will be made by provoking Japan.” (Later realised as Pearl Harbour and the US entry into the war as a result).

Supplementing this is a now well-known statement by Atatürk:

“In my opinion, the fate of Europe will depend on the attitude of Germany tomorrow as it did yesterday. This exceptionally dynamic and disciplined nation of 70 million, as soon as it gives in to a political current that whips up its national desires, will sooner or later seek to eliminate the Treaty of Versailles. Germany will be able in a very short time to raise an army capable of occupying the whole of Europe, with the exception of England and Russia … the war will break out in 1940/45 … France no longer has the possibility of raising a strong army. England can no longer rely on France to defend her island. America will not be able to remain neutral in this war, just as it did in the First World War. And Germany will lose this war because of American entry into the war…” (Statement from the early 1930s, published in 1951)

The foresight and planning of Shamballa’s members becomes clear and transparent in these examples. Now, analogous to the current conspiracy narratives that are so popular, this example could also be made into its own such conspiracy theory. Therefore, this insight must immediately be supplemented by another statement.

Looking back on the war, the Tibetan (D.K.) says that there was a point in time when there was a danger that the black grouping would win the war through the Axis powers. The Hierarchy (planet. Heart Centre) was therefore preparing for its full retreat from the planet. The description of this open-ended dramatic situation shows that the free will of the total humanity continued and it was in their hands to decide the outcome of the conflict through action and struggle. There are deeper aspects of this process that should not be discussed today. Only the hint that the whole brotherhood made a sacrifice through which the struggle was decided can be hinted at. The karmic consequences of the sacrifice remain (still) unmentioned at this point.

In relation to the present time, it can be pointed out:

A physical-bodily return of the Christ, or of the currently residing world teacher, on the ray of love, as 2000 years ago, is very unlikely. The conditions for this mentioned by the Tibetan Master after the war have largely not been fulfilled by humanity. Its effect on the planetary astral, announced by the Tibetan for the 1960s of the last century, has taken place and was particularly evident in worldwide peace politics, in the flourishing of the UNO / UNESCO and in the ecology movement that later emerged worldwide. We will focus on this time of hope for another milestone.

Many developments announced by the Hierarchy (the planetary heart centre not Shamballa) have not been realised at all or only in rudimentary form. These include schools for the advanced spiritual development of esoteric students. Texts such as some of those given here would certainly have become part of the programme. The discipleship training of the Arcane School continues to have its place, but there is a lack of reflective work on the contents, related to the present time and including the Shamballa teachings of Agni Yoga and the diaries of Helena Roerich.

If, as assumed, Christ had his highly effective impulse in the aforementioned 1960s and 1970s, what can we expect for today’s time of spiritual regression and decay? Certainly an impulse would now be expected from Shamballa, and not in a gentle form. The great Avatar announced by the Tibetan would only be expected in about 650 years (2nd decade of Aquarius) according to his time specifications. Could he appear earlier and what spiritually suitable physical shell of a Master would he use? Would he have any possibility at all in this world to come to efficacy? He would have to be called upon by a corresponding number of spiritually active people, but that is not happening at present. The invocations that can be observed refer to past images that are no longer effective in the present time. For Shamballa and the Hierarchy, Head Centre and Heart Centre, time is much more advanced than the average person and many esotericists and theosophists realise. The migration of Mahatma M. from Shamballa may be an example of this. Occultly there are two possibilities. Humanity comes to its senses and acts or the reaction of the great energies will be corrective global. The time factor is open.

Both centres have or had physical outposts: the heart centre, the Hierarchy predominantly in Tibet until its occupation by China. What possibilities still exist now, everyone can see from the reality in Tibet, if, then only very limited and hidden.

Shamballa had or has realised a hidden outpost in the north of Tibet very secretively. The diaries of H. Roerich give corresponding information, as do some of N. Roerich’s pictures. To what extent this outpost still exists after Mahatma M.’s departure remains open. For M., especially Riga and Latvia as a whole were a respected and promoted place. Those who experience the traditional culture cultivated there today, especially the music of the choirs, can experience a soul-spiritual impression of a culture aligned with Shamballa at the singing and dancing festivals and every 5 years at the great festival of this kind (2023 July). A waymark to be protected.