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Life Cycles in Greater Life

Greater lives also have cycles of life and death, they too have cycles of sleep and the spiritual souls contained in them go along with these cycles. In terms of time, these are extremely long periods for human earthly consciousness. The experience of time is certainly different for the awareness of the Greater Life. I recommend these questions of time to be regarded as less important for earthly life, because the soul’s growth in experience is determined not by the temporal, but by how knowledge is converted into action.

Life cycles of the human soul as well as larger life are U-shaped. From the purely spiritual there is a descent into the respective material, in order to then rise again to the spiritual in the center of the movement, together with the experience gained. For the current long cycle of the earth, the rhythm of the Greater Life determined the expansion of the spiritual into the material until the end of the 19th century, in order to then strive again to the spiritual in the reversal area. Since then it has been about the harvest of experiences and the transmission of these experiences through the souls into the adjacent 2nd dimension. This process is currently delayed in terms of time and it can fail. Failures and thus repeated cycles are also possible in the great comprehensive existences.