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Heart 6



A Shamballa Teaching

16. Here We speak of the direct aspiration to Us. We speak of the benefits and success that come from such a turning. It seems tempting to try this means, but how many try this path? However, anyone who has tried Our panacea will say that Our advice is good and honourable.

He will confirm everywhere and always that when his thoughts were with Us, he was successful. Every failure was due to defilement of the silver thread.

How beautiful it would be if, at the end of a day, everyone asked himself about the quality of his thoughts during those hours! How powerful one would become through the realisation that one’s thoughts had strengthened the connecting thread. The emergence of unworthy thoughts could be immediately eradicated. But the cause of men is such that they hear without listening, and read no further than the eye can reach.[5]

So once more I advise to make teaching the need of every day. I advise observing to what extent one has been successful in one’s environment.

In small groups, one should pay special attention to the reciprocal thoughts so as not to strain and interrupt the flow. Many teachings advise this simple discipline, but every book should also remind us of it, because the most urgent and necessary is not applied in life.

nd for Us it means great happiness when We can trust someone as completely as We trust Ourselves. So strong is the fortress of the open heart!