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The adjacent earthly worlds in the Greater Life

Let’s call it the Greater Life, in our imagination it corresponds to the solar system. In order to understand “adjacent”, it is necessary to recognize interpenetrating spaces. Imagine the solar system from an outside perspective, with the planets as it is known. The earth is inhabited by humans. The other planets have no human life, corresponding to the earthly.

Now imagine the same system of planets again, several of which are inhabited by souls with a different, finer covering (body).

The earth is inhabited here with only a few souls. These are those human souls who are conscious of repeated lives, but do not live physically in present time. They envelop themselves as souls with a matching finer coat (body). Some of the inhabitants of the earth in the second system (dimension) are as if in a dream state, since their development is still initial, even if their consciousness includes the reality of repeated lives. Almost all of the other planets in this 2nd system have inhabitants.

Now see a third system with the planets, a few are inhabited and the spirit souls are covered by even finer coats. At the moment there is little to say about this for the earthly inhabitants of the 1st dimension.

Now move the three pictures into each other and you have 3 suns and three planetary forms each with different soul-human and other essential habitation in one picture.

In the 2nd and 3rd dimension the physical laws of the 1st dimension do not exist and the shapes of the planets there could not be identical with the local spatial dimensions.

Now consider one of the following: What is the value of looking for life on other planets in the 1st dimension?