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Action and Fate

Our actions leave traces, in ourselves, on other people as well as in the natural kingdoms. Actions towards other people remain essential for the next life, and the treatment of nature also has considerable after-effects. Every action contains emotions and thoughts. These remain in place and there are also the proportions from the physical effect. All of this adds up to future fate. Honest forgiveness on the part of the injured party is a renunciation of compensation and reduces the carry-over of the ballast into the next life for the perpetrator.

Any harmful action limits the options for the next life, as the law of karmic compensation demands a reunion and reparation. However, the future compensation can have a completely different shape than the character of the original action suggests. So the feeling of injustice can quickly arise in the sufferer, although there is definitely a connection to the past. The granted and desired individual freedom of the soul through the Greater Life leads to the danger of stubbornness, but is necessary to enable an evolution of the Greater Life itself. The excesses of egoism, however, are deeply dark and create a great, heavy burden.

The principle for the soul in questions of action and fate is to align all action with the greatest possible good for the greatest possible number.