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So said Buddha, the Exalted

“We are not to believe proclamations merely because they have been proclaimed; nor are we to believe traditions merely because of their venerable age; nor rumors which are only rumors; nor the writings of sages merely because sages have written them; nor notions which we are inclined to suppose have been inspired by devas (in supposed spiritual inspiration); nor inferences drawn from arbitrary assumptions; nor what appears to be logical-causal connection; nor the mere authority of our teachers or the masters. But we must believe when the Scripture, the doctrine, or what is preached is confirmed by our discerning reason.” “Therefore,” he finally says in summary, “I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but to believe discerningly and to act accordingly in full responsibility.”

H. P. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine III/401

Theosophy - contemporary

The term theosophy was first introduced in the 19th century by H.P. Blavatsky used and shaped by her as the basis of her work. Since many concepts in the humanities have been worn out since then (esotericism, spirituality), I am following the concept of theosophy as a philosophy of the humanities.

The concept of the soul is used often and consciously in the following text. Human souls have no skin color, no nationality and no gender. Since energy follows our thoughts, it is appropriate to use the thought of the soul as the basis for denoting the human being. This term can also be used to show that the substances that envelop the soul are chosen or determined anew from life to life.

If the soul is addressed, what has been said is aimed directly at the inner wanderer who remains and grows for a long time.

The first chapters

Advanced knowledge of theosophy

The anonymity of the author (f / m) of these thoughts will and must be strictly adhered to. This will be clear to every reader in anticipation of the consequences after a publication. There is also no intention of establishing personal relationships and training with this statement. The guru principle is outdated. Souls who are looking for expansion should find each other in small groups (3 to 7 people, male and female) for discussion groups and exchange their experiences and knowledge of literature. There is no need for formal organizations.