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The way of the Soul

The way is action and experience. It is a spiritual path through successive lives. If the soul has the necessary consciousness, then the time between the physical earthly lives can be seen as a further life. In order to gain awareness of this existence, one needs the necessary terms from the teachings of the past centuries.

The perceptions experienced in sleep and through intuitive thoughts must be able to be named correctly. For this process of consciousness the assumption of the existence of a higher, graduated world and an ethical action are sufficient. Ethical action is paramount.

The senses develop on the way within one life and across the process of further lives. In everyday life, they are shaped by our physical well-being. If they are sensitized and sharpened, the concepts of spiritual wisdom are required in order to be able to name perceptions correctly. It is advisable to be more careful with final naming. Because of the associated dangers of error and self-deception, practices of extreme methods of salvation from the earthly are often emotionally destructive. This is a warning. The so-called paradise is a chimera. The crises of the soul are crises of knowledge. The crises of the Greater Life, like current ones, frighten and chaotize whole groups of souls. If people’s consciousness does not contain the truth of repeated earth lives in small portions, then there will be serious conflicts of various kinds, many of which are already visible.