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Waymark 2


Palestine was a central theme in the Brotherhood of Masters at the end of the last war due to the land grabbing by Jewish immigrants.

The Master D.K. described the process of land grabbing as an injustice and the concern that the resulting conflict, which still exists today, would become the basis for new planetary evil.

At this point we pay tribute to the distinguished soul of the Brotherhood in the person of Count Bernadotte, who was killed by an assassination attempt by Jewish extremists in 1948 for his work as a UN envoy to Palestine. Among other things, he had advocated the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland. The Israeli state immediately amnestied the terrorist assassins and they remained without punishment.

The resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council for a 2-state solution and against an ever-expanding settlement policy by the Jewish side continue to stand. However, the continued prevention of this solution by the State of Israel has created a ground on which ominous developments have been able to grow, which are now preoccupying and burdening the world community in many ways.

The consideration of how this planetary wound has unfolded its infectious effect into the Arab state space as well will be evident from other landmarks we have outlined.

For the reader, the Wikipedia pages of the years 1946 – 1949 may be an introduction to this historically so important process on the Palestine question. To look at the life work of Count Bernadotte is also possible and recommendable there.

The next milestone names a global phenomenon that has its origins in very distant times and is present today unabatedly.