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Waymark 26


The SHIVA mantram

You can participate by expanding and focussing your consciousness.

With inner distance, think about or look inwardly at the planet-spanning astral cloud. It consists of lies, delusions, feelings of hatred and even more darkness.

After visualising the cloud, say the Shiva mantram at least seven times, inwardly or outwardly quietly.

Repeat this at least once a day.

OM Namah Shivaya

(The syllables “OM” and “va” are pronounced long, the others short)

Recognise, while speaking, the path that the mantram takes to the solar centre and from there back to the earthly astral cloud. Observe the transformation and dissolution of the astral dirt.

For participants who are not able to visualise well (1st ray), the following saying recited inwardly before the mantram can be a way: “I invoke the solar centre. From there, the solar-enhanced energy causes a transformation and dissolution of the dark astral planetary cloud.” Then continue with the mantram and receive the thought of effectiveness.

Implementation instructions:

Recite the mantram sonorously, with only a short pause in between.

It is not a sweet song, but corresponds to a sober activity of the spiritual will.

Be aware that this is a group activity with connections only on the inner level.

There is a direct connection between the M of OM and the N of Namah, and the M is spoken very briefly after the sonorous O.

As a very good example, here is a link to a performance by Rajkumar Bharathi that can be found on YouTube. The soft background music in the video is not essential. If you have a sound triangle, you can lightly strike it after each “Shivaya”.


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The decisive factor is how clearly the practitioner’s consciousness is aligned in the direction of the higher solar centre when the mantram is recited.


Without a repetitive absorption of the teaching, which we present here in examples and in condensed form, there is a danger of blunting the spiritual “blade” of the Shiva mantram.

It is necessary to regularly expand your consciousness through the contents of the teachings in order to mentally distance yourself from everyday life. The texts given here can be used for this purpose. For example, the text “Space” (waymark 22) and the waymarks 11X, 12, 13, 15 and the text “in motion”. Repeated reading over and over again brings about the desired expansion of consciousness required for practising the mantram. Another way is to read a few sections of the Agni Yoga Supermundane books. Three passages a day, no matter where you are, will have a great effect on your inner processes.

Without the supplementary reading – it really means “reading”, not “studying” – the mantram will lose its power and attractiveness and will deaden from a solar-planetary activity to an unloved singsong and then at some point, probably soon, be pushed away. Supplementary reading (of a page or a few paragraphs in a book of Agni Yoga) can be set up for five days a week. Ultimately, everyone who loves this work will find their own way and rhythm in practising it.


For the theosophist/esotericist, the following presentation, given by the Tibetan master D.K., is intended as an analysis of the benefits of using the Shiva mantram. The possible real reach that can be achieved with the mantram is indicated here. Shiva as an expression of the Solar Logos shows which energy is being invoked.

  1. Brahma: The Raja Lords, Activity
  2. Vishnu: The Planetary Logoi, Wisdom
  3. shiva: the sun logos, will

However, if the lower three levels of the cosmic-physical plane are no longer a principle for the Solar Logos / Shiva, i.e. no longer the focus of his consciousness, the question arises as to what benefit or effect the invocation or the Shiva energy set in motion can have.

The ubiquitous use of the mantram in both the West and the East, often associated with “sweet-sweet” music for relaxation (instead of mental tension) and blissful well-being, is based on a different “image” of Shiva than the real one. We do not criticise this, but also see it as a historically evolving trivialisation that corresponds to the respective range of consciousness of the practitioners. Similarly, consider the many images and statues that cannot relate to the solar centre of the entity.

We do not use images or forms to get an idea of Shiva, the Sun Logos, in any of his essential aspects. For the user of the mantram who wants to use an accompanying pictorial representation, we recommend the image of the sun on a higher level in a light blue, but without personification. Contact in the direction of the solar centre requires a mentally and higher connected group and corresponding inner alignment.

The offer to participate in a group event in which no personal external contacts exist and are not planned is only possible with a considerable, persistent effort of will. It may be that only a handful of the several hundred readers of the texts given here are persistently willing and esoterically able to perform this abstraction of spiritual work. We will only be able to assess this inwardly, as it will not be apparent externally.

The participants will not personally have or recognise any direct benefit for their outer life. However, such joint, sustained activity is of fundamental impact on the greater whole of earthly human evolution. It is participation in the conflict-laden solar life and its development, in which earthly development occupies a key position.

Depending on their status, there are far-reaching consequences (beyond the incarnation) for the spiritual development of each active participant. In contrast, no direct effect should be expected in matters of everyday conflicts and illnesses. The widespread desire for quick and final redemption from the wheel of reincarnation is also not associated with this, because this desire is not realistic in relation to one lifetime.

The mantram is used – individually and in silence – to build a bridge between the three levels mentioned above, which are permanently fragile, and the higher mental and Buddhist levels of the spiritual. For some it may be small stones in the building of a bridge, for others the sustainable extension and for some the desired activity to utilise their existing subtle construction in a meaningful way. The long-term goal of transferring solar life to this higher level is thus supported.

For the whole group, operating on this basis of understanding and with the reach of group consciousness, solar energy of the higher levels of the cosmic-physical plane, supplemented by portions of the cosmic-astral plane, is used to transmute or dissolve the dark barrier (wall) on the earth-astral plane. Allowing the cloud of delusion and lies on planet Earth to become permeable is the honourable, impersonal task as a service opportunity that anyone reading here can join. It is and remains a free decision to begin this activity, to remain in it or to end it.

OM Namah Shivaya