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Waymark 27


The following passage can be found in Helena Roerich’s diaries:

“There is no reason to believe that We have decisive control over everything, both on earth and in heaven. We too are on a painful search for the best combination, and that is why we are so grateful to those who help us”. 2.10.32

This statement by Mahatma Morya (M.M.) to Helena Roerich was supplemented with the words: “Only for you.”

From the perspective of the brotherhoods in the two planetary centers (planetary head and heart center), it can be seen how the problem of the unrealistic ideas people have about the groups of higher evolved beings is dealt with.

The Tibetan master D.K. also left some texts in Alice Bailey’s books that deal with the misconceptions and false expectations regarding the brotherhoods.

Both forms of misconceptions can be found in exaggerated glorification as well as in condescending ignorance or even demonization.

Why does M.M. write “Only for you”?

He is concerned that with the description quoted above he diminishes the commitment of the incarnated group members of either center and triggers the danger of a debating club. There could be an irrational eye-level demand in decisions for scheduled work.

For naturally a master has a greater reach of consciousness into the subtler realms of existence and accordingly his knowledge is considerably more extensive. His view from the higher standpoint reaches into the probable future as well as far into the past and the knowledge of this is available to him on demand at all times.

In contrast, the possibilities of the learners and doers in incarnation on the path of cooperation with the brotherhoods are limited by the three-dimensional orientation of their brain consciousness. That is why a master occupies the central position in the group led and subtly guided by him and in his entire ashram.

The individual freedom, which is to be recognized by the brotherhoods in any case, leaves the result of the work in the physical world open.

The Master D.K. explains this in “The Rays and the Initiations” as follows:

“I would remind you here that I have always said that even the Hierarchy does not know exactly how humanity will react or what progress it will make within a given time.”

“Because of the success which the influence of this Shamballa energy had upon Humanity, when the experiment was made without testing its impact by a down-transformation by the Hierarchy, the whole course of the spiritual history of man (referring to the period of the 1939-45 war) changed very strangely. This was not foreseen, for as I have often told you, the Masters do not know which way humanity will go; nor must they interfere in the decision of humanity by action or thought.”

M.M. says that none of the great ones could fully express all their possibilities and knowledge in the sacrifice of a physical incarnation, and it can take decades of incarnation before they can achieve an effect with their higher possibilities.

It can be assumed that it is precisely through these special incarnations of the “Greater Ones” that direct influences on humanity should become possible, because they are then, as already described in another waymark (“in motion”), people among people.

To conclude this milestone, we would like to point out a central error in the esoteric history of the last 150 years. “The Master said …” – often linked to this or that request and a claim – has become a problem of considerable proportions. The Tibetan associates the phenomenon with “spiritual ambition” on the path. On the other hand, “some groups” in physical incarnation have real difficulties in forming a “structure” appropriate to the goal. This question should only be pointed out here.

The books by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan contain sufficient information on this subject.