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Waymark 8


It is often asked how the rapid decline of natural resources can be reduced. In this way, more people could be enabled to develop in a way that still ensures their transition to the new planet (see the theme of the upcoming Waymark).

If one directs the spotlight of thought analytically on the current overall situation, the only essentially possible lever for action is probably WATER.

If seawater desalination plants were built and operated on a large scale, with alternative energy, a calming of nature and livelihoods could be achieved. If plant stocks are maintained with this water (with optimal digital control) and new stocks are created, a significant contribution to nutrition and climate calming would be created. In doing so, governments should suspend traditional financial theory and take up the fight in a big way with freely provided funds. Communities of states like those in Europe have every opportunity to do this. Development aid for needy states to create these facilities can be linked to certain conditions.

Should certain interest groups try to torpedo this project, the respective state can set up its own companies to temporarily handle the liquidation.

It would be of particular importance that this undertaking is politically a non-partisan affair.