The mantram is a way to reduce the dark, dense astral and mental layers of lies and hatred surrounding the planet, so that truth and human love can regain their necessary space.

You can do an important service to the planet and to humanity by chanting this mantram once a day, inwardly if possible. This can be done in a few minutes in almost any place. Keep it short and dynamic.

Deal with the spiritual truth that energy follows thought.

You can say the mantram like a prayer, internally and preferably at the same time every day.

End the prayer with the last line or OM.

If you want to use the mantram mediatively, you will find hints and advice in the following.

Place and Time

Choose a time that fits into your rhythmic daily routine. The early morning hours are good for this, as well as the noon time around 12.00 o’clock or the time in the evening after the day’s business is done and before you retire for the night’s rest.

If you speak it daily at 5:00 p.m. (according to your local time), and this is done around the globe, then it can produce an enhanced group effect. It is useful to keep the location once chosen, if possible, to charge it energetically.

Physical Posture

You don’t have to squeeze into the lotus position if you have trouble with it. Sit in a comfortable chair, but make sure your spine is as straight and upright as possible to encourage the flow of energy. In group service, we do not place our hands one inside the other, but on our thighs, while our feet are normally placed on the floor with a small distance between them.

If your external situation requires it (e.g. in a public transport), you can deviate from this posture. However, the basic position should be a seated one. Closing the eyes is considered by many to be helpful for concentration and visualization.


Even though the mantram is short, an inner joyful attitude is useful as preparation. The feeling that it is an honor to participate in this service to humanity may create in you a mood of celebration with which to approach the daily performance.

The Holy Word

After the last line, you have the choice to inwardly sound the holy word OM three times (long O and short M). Alternatively, you can inwardly sound three blows like a hammer on wood. If you prefer, you can also chant OM externally. Let the holy word sound in the center of the head and use the palate as a sounding board. When intoned internally, the effect on the subtle levels is greater.

While intoning OM three times, you can simultaneously visualize how the purifying breath sweeps out unwanted mental thought forms. (Undesirable thought forms such as division, separatism or lies; undesirable astral forms and feelings such as hatred can also be swept out with it, also from your own mental and astral carriers).

I / We

In the last line you are free to use the “I” or the “We” form. Developing a strong personality is a temporary developmental goal for all of us, which cannot simply be skipped. If you feel a need in this regard, use the “I” form (“And I act”).

If, on the other hand, you feel well anchored in the group formation and more comfortable in the awareness that this work is a group service, use the we-form (“And we act”).


The value of this joint work is great. The reward is your own accelerated spiritual development, even if it remains imperceptible to yourself for a long time at first. Your own accelerated development results as automatism from the performed service and should not be your motive, but the service to mankind, otherwise “you already have your reward there”.

Illness and strong stress situations are better answered by a break.

On the website, from time to time, short articles are published dealing with questions that may arise in connection with the mantram.

We assert the fact

The brothers and sisters of the spiritual hierarchy

strengthened by the cosmic forces of Uranus.


We ask from the bottom of our hearts for their united action

To transform the swamps and clouds of hatred and lies

By the powerful fiery ray of their light.


May the dark clouds of lies crumble to dust               

the swamps of hatred shine into blooming land             

and I act.