On the way to the centre of being,
consuming the illusions on burning ground,
forming the arrow-shaped thought to the goal,
plunging into the sea of flames of light,
shedding, renouncing, renewing higher, in mystery,
condensing the spiritual gain of many lives,
enveloping with the silver-blue robe of protection,
rising to the surface of the sea of flame,
gliding as a ship whose sails are filled with the tone of the sounds of the spheres,
dividing the stream of descending time,
arriving at the shores of return,
offering the grown grain of the spirit,
beholding in the crossing of the gate the white towers of the WE,
the I of being.

We assert the fact

The brothers and sisters of the spiritual hierarchy

strengthened by the cosmic forces of Uranus.


We ask from the bottom of our hearts for their united action

To transform the swamps and clouds of hatred and lies

By the powerful fiery ray of their light.


May the dark clouds of lies crumble to dust               

the swamps of hatred shine into blooming land             

and I act.