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Waymark 25


We begin a special reflection on karma with a quote from H.P. Blavatsky:

“The “Lipika”, from the word lipi, “to write”, literally means the “writers”. Mystically, these divine beings are connected with karma, the law of retribution, for they are the recorders or annalists who inscribe on the (for us) invisible tablets of the astral light, “the great picture gallery of eternity”, a faithful account of every action, and even of every thought, of man: of everything that was, is, or ever will be in the phenomenal world”.

– Volume 1 of the Secret Doctrine by H.P.B.

We have here a description that was later sufficiently confirmed and supplemented by the Tibetan.

How is such a recording to be understood in the ethereal of the astral world? The modern digital world provides analogue (not directly comparable) indications of this process. It can be assumed that the core of every human soul as a monad creates an astral fixed point through the many incarnations. The actions and feelings as well as the thoughts in which the soul expresses itself generate a transformed, compressed astral symbolism that connects to the fixed point. In modern language, this is an automated process. The beings of the highest order called “Lipika” become active when the accumulation changes significantly in one direction. They then take on an organising task in order to set up the next incarnation “appropriately”. The normal process of rebirth takes place without their direct intervention.

Who can now actively read and decode this transformed and compressed content? We can assume that this will be possible after the 3rd initiation at the earliest. However, the benefit is questionable. The karmic compensation for a major theft in the previous life, for example, can be a chronic organic illness in the following incarnation. However, the equalisation process is more complex and unpredictable than expected. Therefore, trying to read this chronicle is usually “wasted effort and time”.

More important is the question of lies, i.e. something that does not exist but is claimed to exist. Put simply, even if the transformation is more complex from a subtle point of view, the lie reinforces a certain symbol in the record, or it grows relatively. Thus, little by little, the liar accumulates manifestations of this type, which immediately give the scrutinising beings an overview of this characteristic. In addition, stories of lies reinforce the astral swamp and make it more difficult for souls seeking the light to penetrate. When talking about occult reading in this chronicle, there must be an ability that we can call dimensional transformation/dimensional variation.

This ability is not recognisable in the content that is currently so widely disseminated and allegedly received through “channelling”. With the one-dimensional question-and-answer method practised, it is difficult to grasp the real content of the chronicle and contact with spiritual entities is hardly possible. If you want to read an atom, you need at least an electron microscope. The corresponding occult/spiritual counterpart requires knowledge and abilities that are initiatory contents.

Let us turn to a fairly recent example of texts that are said to come from channelled sources.

QUOTE: “This promise of the Arc of Covenant involves the return of the fallen angelic humans of the Oraphim-Turaneusians of Tara of the 2nd Universe through an ascension through the Halls of Amenti or the homecoming of the Monastic Races and their root races from the Amentisphere to Tara or to the higher 6th dimension of the now sacred Tara Earth. The primordial Tarranates of the angelic humans of the Eieyani Grail Lineage on Tara laid down the salvation and blueprint for the evolution of the “lost souls” of the Turaneusian race of the Holy Grail Lineage of Tara in the Treaty of Palaidor. This is the so-called Amenti Rescue Mission on Earth (see: Tara, Volume 1). Of the angelic humans of the root and monastic races of the Amentisphere of the Oraphim-Turaneusians fallen from Tara, most have returned home to the higher 6th dimension of the sacred Tara Earth from June 2017 AD until now, early 2019 AD. Some will follow until 2022 AD. But a few of the angelic people of the Amenti races will remain on Earth until the end of the bridge zone in 2084 AD, such as the members of the 4th Atlantean root race …”

That is stupid nonsense and a lie.

Someone “channels” a new term about a fictitious “race”, then other channellers combine this term with new terms of their own, thus creating conglomerates of non-existences that simulate a reality and continue to grow, as something new constantly has to be produced. Anyone who has read our text on the topicality of the term “race” knows that this term has been esoterically “out of date” for decades.

What is the effect on karma, who “supplements” their fate with such non-existences in a karmically burdening way?

At first, the creator of non-existence is a collector of bad karma, using this delusion more and more. At the latest after the end of the incarnation, when he reaches the astral, when there is nothing, absolutely nothing, on the astral karmic tablets, but the inventor wanders around in the self-created astral cloud, which has no beginning and no end, as it is spiritually insubstantial, he finds no way out. The process of suffering is emotionally painful and protracted. The way out of this drama is transferred into a karmically heavily laden incarnation and is a considerable burden for the soul concerned.

 As the saying goes: “You have to spoon up the soup you’ve cooked yourself.”   

The readers of this non-existent content suffer less drastically in comparison, but they also search for the existence of the “channelled promises”. Their karmic fate is the same as that of all souls who have experienced promises of salvation: They will often become deniers of any spiritual content in the next life due to disappointment. As a result, these souls also suffer a regression in their spiritual development.

The Brotherhood has an agreement not to take a critical look at the activities of other members. Do our comments violate this practice? Only if the quoted content from a current book series (Ogara), which is said to be based on channelling, has a real connection to the spiritual brotherhood or is produced by members of the brotherhood. We assume that this is not the case. It is copied from existing teachings (including A. Bailey) and supplemented with non-existent elements as described above. Creating a concept and presenting it as reality, even though it has no life, is and remains a lie. The astral swamp of lies that continues to be fed in this way leads to serious karmic responsibility for the “inventors”. The spiritual status of those responsible must be categorised in such a way that it is inconceivable that they have mentally passed through “the burning ground”. A sufficiently trained intellect is not a sign of real spiritual progress or even “initiation”.