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Cycles of the human soul

Every person’s soul wanders from life to life, as a man or woman, mostly alternately. It spends the interim periods asleep or when it is conscious of repeated lives, sometimes in another place. This truth has been buried or suppressed. The awareness of this truth decides about the development of every person and in order to initiate this in people, it is sufficient to live and deal with this thought as a possibility or hypothesis, it can and will fundamentally change people’s actions.

Because if there is no change to a significantly larger extent in the quality of human action, in the future or after a worldwide catastrophe, those who know this truth will share with the sleeping dreamers who could not or would not realize it. The second group lacks the additional psychological experience that has grown. With the awareness of the truth, even if it is only accepted as a possibility, the souls open the door to the adjacent world, in sleep and between death and new birth. In a division, after a possible catastrophe, the second group, according to its insufficient or even harmful experience, is transferred to where it belongs according to the spiritual and emotional level of development. However, the warning should be given: Anyone who thinks that they are saved with the nice sentence “I believe in reincarnation, so I belong” is mistaken. After the “door opener” it is the sum of the actions that decides.

At this point it should be said that the hope for earthly existence is above all the female embodiments of the soul. Historically and currently, anyone can see it who looks closely.Historically and currently, anyone can see it who looks closely.

However, this does not mean the development in which the feminine is fundamentalist and secluded, mostly out of unconscious revenge, which is derived from the suppression of the feminine by the patriarchal in earlier embodiments. Those currently female embodied who cheer at these lines are reminded that their soul will embody male in the next life. Only at a very advanced point does the soul have the opportunity to choose its embodiment.