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Waymark 20

Literature and books about Theosophy

R. Steiner separated from the Theosophical Society in 1913, renamed the western part the Anthroposophical Society and declared the following as early as 1907:

“At the head of our Western School stand two Masters: the Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz. And two paths they lead us, the Christian-esoteric path and the Christian-Rosenkreutz path. The Great White Lodge guides all spiritual movements, and the Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz belong to it.”

The Master Christian Rosenkreutz, through the information given by R. Steiner in his lectures, can be named in the incarnations thus publicly mentioned as:

Hieram; John (the disciple); Chr. Rosenkreutz; Saint Germain; Master Rakoczy; Mahachohan (high office in the Brotherhood).

It is understandable to ask now how the Master Jesus is. Here there are few indications through R. Steiner.

For the members of the “Inner Circle” of Anthroposophy, however, a finding in the estate of Ita Wegmann is of importance for this question. Ita Wegmann was a very close and over several lifetimes significant spiritual companion of R. Steiner.

He personally gave her a relatively small picture, probably created by him, for meditative work, which is described as follows:

In the centre an altar, on one side of this altar a person with the designation “Ch.R.” underneath and on the other side a person with the designation “R.St.” underneath, each standing next to the altar.

Every reader, if it is important to him, may draw his own conclusions from what is depicted here.