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Heart 2



A Shamballa Teaching

3. Whether the heart is called the abode of the Elohim or the synthesis of syntheses, it always remains the centre. Even those who recognise in the heart only its lower, physiological functions, behave cautiously towards it. But how deeply must one listen to the heart who knows the magnet and the silver thread! That is why the Teacher takes one away from everything narrowly physical to remind one of the spiritual world in every organ. For Us it is a feast day when pure thought is transferred into the sphere of invisible being.

One must lead into the abode of the Elohim as persistently as if danger pursued the one entering. One can recognise the Path of the Elect when the Invisible World has become real and accessible to them; then one can notice the growth of consciousness, and even the organs of the body become transfigured, permeated with the connection with the Hierarchy.