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The Wanderer, 161

Pictures Nicholas Roerich

Urusvati knows that the Great Pilgrim was frequently attacked by the forces of darkness. These incidents were mentioned in the Scriptures, and one might question how occurrences that no one had witnessed could have been recorded. It was the Teacher Himself who wanted to prepare His disciples for that battle and therefore, rather than conceal the struggle that was taking place, He recounted His own experiences to illustrate it.

He said, “Every human being constantly finds himself in three battles. Although he may imagine that he is completely at peace, he actually takes part in three battles simultaneously.

“The first battle is between the free will and karma. Nothing can excuse man from taking part in the struggle between these two principles.

“The second battle takes place between the disembodied entities of good and evil, which surround man and influence him in one way or another. It is difficult to imagine the fury of the dark forces when they attempt to take possession of man.

“The third battle resounds in the Infinite, in space, between the subtle energies and the waves of chaos. The human imagination is too limited to envision these battles in Infinity. Human intellect comprehends earthly collisions, but is incapable of looking into space and imagining the powerful storms and forces working there. Only when human emotions are completely controlled can man start thinking about the invisible worlds. One should develop such thoughts, for they alone will make man a conscious co-worker with the Infinite forces.”

Remember that you are always facing the Infinite. Even the loftiest words cannot express the Most Sublime, and only during brief moments can your heart record the exaltation of realization.

Learn how to remember these moments, for they are the key to the future.

It is impossible to comprehend the fullness of the numberless worlds, but the Teacher leads toward this knowledge. Learn to give Him your trust and reverence, for without this bridge there is no passage.