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The crisis of the next 50 years

Picture Nicholas Roerich

Space on planet Earth is getting tighter.

The increase in birth rates in countries that still need meaningful development, combined with a low level of education, exacerbates the need. At the same time, it is precisely there and on the entire planet that nature is being plundered and thus the foundations of life are being destroyed. This goes hand in hand with a general dissolution of democratic structures. The danger that the formerly democratic bulwark USA will be emotionally and mentally destroyed as a democracy by lies and falsifications is recognizable.

A change in the so-called developing countries would have been possible in the 70s of the last century. However, the predatory plundering of these countries by the industrialized nations prevailed. Today, in many of these countries, life is emotionally and mentally dominated by radical religious dogma, making strategies for change based on reason almost futile. As a reaction, there is a tendency toward isolation in the so-called developed countries.

The crisis is there, it has many names (egoism, climate, hunger, pandemic, corruption, luxury), and it is also the result of tending to backward ideologies against better knowledge. In addition, there is a decadent religious variant that sees great material wealth as a divine reward, as can be seen especially in the USA, and whose effect on the population is fatal.

What reference can be made in the global crisis to the theosophical contents presented here?

 Two questions come to mind in this context:

  • Will the “Greater Life” initiate a new cycle for the whole planet Earth, abandoning the present forms, and with what consequences?
  • Has the white brotherhood of evolved spirit souls taken this for granted yet?


The great impulse to peace and progress of the 1960s and 1970s was to be the planned turning point for the good. It is advisable to look back and study the great efforts (e.g. peace policy, disarmament agreements). Effects were achieved. But too much egoism and the tendency to luxury remained dominant in the Western states. It is also worthwhile to study the UN resolutions of that time on the Middle East conflict and then to look at the real development up to the present time. Here lies a core problem.

The theosophical answer to the global situation is open, in the tendency however increasingly dissolution symptoms of the general civilization show up. For the conscious theosophist, the global condition does not involve any fear, since he exists in another real life in the 2nd dimension, as described in the basic text. Nevertheless, this will not prevent him from fighting for the continuation and improvement of the outer earthly civilization and to promote an increase of consciousness for the inner worlds.