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The Wanderer, 160

Pictures Nicholas Roerich

Urusvati knows that the Great Teacher would sometimes trace various signs in the sand and then erase them. The disciples were puzzled and asked the Teacher why He did not write these signs on something permanent. In response, He drew a line in the air and said, “This is the permanent law. Nothing can erase this inscription.” Thus the Teacher explained the power of thought.

Some used to say that the signs in space were as bright as lightning. The Teacher did not deny the possibility of such radiance and said, “The time will come when people will learn how to transmit their signs to distant places.” The disciples could not understand what He meant by these words.

The Teacher also said, “Beware of negative thoughts. They will turn against you and will burden you like an abominable leprosy. But good thoughts rise upward and will lift you with them. You must know the power of the healing light and deadly darkness that man carries within himself.”

He also said, “We part here, but we may meet again, clothed in raiment of Light. We need not be concerned about shopping for garments in the Kingdom of Light, for they will be created at will. We must not be too attached to Earth when our best Friends await us with joy.”

He also said, “Let us not lament those things that perish quickly, for imperishable garments await us.”

He also said, “You are used to fearing death because you were not taught about the passing into a better World.”

And He also said, “You must realize that good friends will continue to work together there, just as here.”

Thus the Great Pilgrim continued teaching about the eternal values and the power of thought, but His Teachings were comprehended by only a few. Though the Teacher spoke briefly and simply, very few were those who remembered His words.

In Our Abode, We value the ability to speak briefly. Such hieroglyphs are clearly outlined in space.