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The Wanderer, 164

Literature and books about Theosophy

Urusvati knows what cosmic conditions accompanied the transition of the Great Pilgrim into the Subtle World, but besides the known violent disturbances there were many others. Is it any wonder that earthly events coincide with cosmic ones?

It is time for people to realize that all events are connected and that unity reigns throughout Cosmos. Many different manifestations follow each step of evolution, but during those solemn times of transition people become particularly stubborn, reminding one of travelers who refuse to alight from the carriage when their journey is over. Similarly, during the consummation of the achievement of the Great Pilgrim, people did not want to leave their carriage, and were unable to perceive the significance of the events that were taking place in front of their eyes. An incredible injustice was being committed, and no one dared tell the people how dreadful was the crime.

The Great Teacher had the wisdom of Pericles, and certainly knew that He should not expect justice from the mobs. He who gave so much knew that the law of proportion had been violated, and simply warned the people not to overload their karma.

Thus, the Teacher knew that the events had been inevitable, and began to teach from the Subtle World. These Teachings also remained unrecorded, and thus arose one more example of injustice. In the manuscripts that have come down to us one comes across brief hints about His visitations from the Subtle World, but even the disciples failed to take the opportunity to reveal to others that His greatest Revelations were given when He was in His subtle body. Yet this information would have been of great value to the whole world. The Teacher did not insist, for He knew that space would guard His Teachings in a far better way.

Similarly, We now warn about the cosmic tension, but few pay heed. We have pointed out the unusual events, but in a true example of the lack of co-measurement, people consider them accidental.