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From the diaries of H. Roerich 1.


The ethereal world has manifold references to the earthly world. Even the prototype of the seasons passes through the consciousness of the ethereal world. Therefore the images of plants, mountains or the surface of water are not alien to the ethereal world, naturally in a transformed state. The heart, which knows the subtle world, knows flowers, mountains, snow and the sea. The flowers are successful in their richness of form, but their colour is unspeakably more complex than that of the earth; the snow is whiter, more crystalline and thicker than that of the earth. One can begin to see the whole structure of the Higher World, and so the man who has stored up a clear and good consciousness on Earth will be a good builder in the Subtle World also. Instead of disfigurements, man will introduce beautiful proportions and a rhythm corresponding to the splendour of Infinity. Is it so great a task of the spirit to purify the heart? For only the light consciousness of the heart will raise the subtle body into the higher abode! Therefore, he who prepares his heart and elevates the hearts of his neighbours is already doing the will of the sender. If one asks whether the heart is not an air machine, whether it can be lifted up? Let us say that the joke is not far from the truth. In fact, the energy of the heart is so similar to helium and other subtle gases that it is not far from spiritual truth to imagine the ascension of the heart!

Who will not understand in his heart the beauty of ascension? Who will not feel in his heart the burden of returning to a temporary home, to a threatened home, to a confined home? So we must become aware of a higher world so that we can be transported and uplifted with our whole being. Is it possible to look out of the window of a cramped home without thinking of higher worlds? And the heart should be led in the way of Christ, as a step towards transfiguration. So let us open the doors of the cramped house!

Doctrine is good when it corresponds to what is good. So if you give a book to a churchman, you can write in the name of Christ or Sergius; for Buddhists Maitreya or Buddha, for Israel the Messiah, so that you can simply send goodness to strengthen the mind. In this universal goodness lies the key to transformation. So shall it be in the future, for there is no other way. The declaration of the heart is the victory.