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Supermundane 438


Urusvati knows that each of Our instructions is the opening of a gate. However, We do not give a directive whose execution did not require work. Many tall tales exist about a luxury on Our part that has never existed, but little is said about work. If we imagine the most strained human labour and extend this picture into infinity, we shall understand the quality of all supernatural labour.

Humanity is advised to create tension in work. Especially in the days of Armageddon such advice will be the most urgent. Each one can remain at his work, but let him increase it. Such an effort for tension and quality of work alone can, to a certain extent, balance the confusion of humanity. He who finds in himself the strength to work even in the midst of confusion already creates equilibrium in his circle. Especially the latter is indispensable when whole peoples fall into madness.

May men not scoff at world-wide labours even in times of battle. We labour not for today, nor for the earth, but for the battle with darkness. Do not think, however, that such maxims have already been internalised by all. One can see for oneself how erroneously the most understandable directives are interpreted. It is therefore necessary to reaffirm the most urgent measures which are capable of alleviating the situation.

People will ask: “But what shall we do?” Answer: “Work as never before.” Let everyone improve his work, even if it is the simplest, most mundane work.

One will ask, “Would it not be better to concentrate mentally?” But this glorious state can be disturbed as a result of spatial currents and eddies. A teacher must educate the students to work and praise the best quality. Such perfection will be joined by growth in thinking.