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The Wanderer, 158

Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine

Urusvati knows the Sacred Pain. Physicians today would call it neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous spasms, or inflammation of the nerves. There may be many diagnoses, but even an earthly physician will notice that something unusual is taking place. This “something” is a pulsation of psychic energy in Infinity. One can observe that these pains appear without evident cause and disappear without any effect. They are never the same, and it is impossible to foresee which center will be affected.

You can imagine how often the Great Teachers are subjected to these tensions! It cannot be otherwise, because the Primal Energy is pulsating in new spheres and rushing into those spheres whose vibrations correspond with its own. But the free will of the Teacher binds this Energy to Earth for the benefit of mankind.

The cure for such pains can only be by vibrations. We send forth such currents, which sometimes reach a high intensity. These pains tormented the Great Pilgrim, and at such times He went into the desert, where it is easier to receive the healing vibrations. People assume that the Teacher is free of all human limitations, and cannot imagine why the Great Pilgrim was required to suffer such pains.

The Great Pilgrim did not conceal his need for the cooperation of people. The action of psychic energy can be evoked only if one fully realizes its presence, and it will serve properly only when there is purity of heart. He constantly repeated that all is given according to one’s faith. In this way He taught the significance of Primal Energy.
Thus one may see manifested in the life of the Great Pilgrim the most human and also the scientific.