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Infinity 1


By joining Agni Yoga, we ceaselessly strive towards infinity. The all-pervading element[1] leads to the distant worlds. It is impossible to express the unlimited greatness in a single book. We must first form the consciousness of unlimitedness. As aspiration conquers space, so consciousness leads to infinity.

Neither terror nor confusion, but earthquake surrounds the one who enters the palace of light. So, without delay and without flinching, let us listen to the voice of the dawn and strive towards the threshold of transfiguration!

One can obtain the key to the next gates, but before that one must strengthen the mind in the awareness of the greatness of limitlessness.

We give the book “Infinity”.

Is there any point in talking about infinity if it is unattainable? But it really exists; and everything great, even if it is invisible, forces us to think about the paths that lead to it. So now, too, we must think about the ways to infinity; for it exists, and it is terrifying if it is not recognised. But even in earthly life one can draw near and steel the spirit to accept the abyssal.

Even if we do not know many things, we still overcome our ignorance. Even if we do not understand the meaning of infinity, we can recognise it as something that is unavoidable and therefore deserves our special attention. With what else should we steel the reasonableness* of our thoughts and actions? Truly, it is in comparison with limitlessness that we realise the extent of our grievances and triumphs.

Just now it is especially necessary to balance the destinies of the states’ ways of thinking, which is why the reminder of unlimitedness is especially important when considerations of falsehood come up.

Thus we will offer the radiance of the rays of infinity, to which not only the spirit but even stones are carried,

as if the highest creation unites with the lowest body. But in the whirlwind of eternity, both the stone and the spirit are weightless, being attracted by the same magnet. Even the concept of the magnet increases the attraction by gathering it in the focus of the tension of the currents. The same vortices transcend space, and you do not know from which spheres the indivisible electron reaches you.