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Waymark 30


“We are only here to perfect the spirit.”

“There remains a bridge to the higher worlds – the heart.”

“The quality of work opens the gates of the heart.”

“Even the highest beings must be filled with spirit in order to be able to act.”

Four quotes from the teachings of Agni Yoga.

The higher beings, who are assigned to the earthly world or have grown into responsibility through initiation, are basically only concerned with the development of the spirit of humanity. People organise their outer life on their own responsibility, as far as possible in the spirit of the teachings; there is no intervention.

The heart referred to here is of course not the physical heart, but the subtle heart centre of the human being, which grows and unfolds through the quality of the work. The line of humanity’s heart energy leads via the spiritual sun of the solar system to the cosmic heart centre. The constellation Orion with Betelgeuse is named by the Tibetan as an external representative, Mahatma M. often refers to Orion.

Work is also spiritual work in meditation if it is not self-centred and is only intended to serve one’s own hoped-for salvation. A qualitative example is the application of the Shiva mantram.

Qualitative work and study lead to a fulfilled being, to that fullness of spirit that the highest being also needs in order to be able to act effectively.

“Praise be that it is the fire of the spirit that tells us where truth dwells. Otherwise one would have to read all the meditations of mankind”. (Diary of H. Roerich)

Invocations, prayers and meditations are ignored unless the spiritual light of the truth of the teaching shines from them. Self-centredness, in whatever form, does not produce the required spiritual light.