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The Wanderer, 629


Urusvati knows how resolutely the voice resounds from the depths of our consciousness. It is clear that two kinds of psychic work take place in man. One is subject to the gross, earthly conditions, the other is already approaching the subtle world. One can convince oneself that the result of this second work is far more justified and stands higher than the result of the former. Not infrequently a voice arises from the depths of consciousness which overrules an earthly decision. It is very revealing to observe these duels taking place in the human being. “Know thyself” said the philosophers, and they were right. Only those who acknowledge the voice from the depths of consciousness can consider themselves to be on the path of knowledge. One might ask why these two often opposing types of psychic work exist at all. But We answer – this only confirms the difference between earthly and supramundane conditions. Of course, the ethereal consciousness will also be more just and far-sighted than the earthly one, which is determined by confusion and fear. Happy is he who has learned to listen to the voice from the depths of consciousness. He will find new means for the earthly struggle. He will look around him with good and just eyes. He will find the right determination of many qualities and testify to bravery. May this voice be called subconscious, small or great consciousness; but is this not indifferent? What is essential, however, is that a great psychic work is going on in man.