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Overground 620


620. Urusvati (Helena Roerich) knows that one must have a natural attitude towards everything supernatural. Listen well: as long as the supernatural represents something forbidden or extraordinary to you, your consciousness will not expand. You can already see that some who turn to the supernatural lose their balance. For these people, earthly considerations exclude all intercourse with the supernatural.

One will ask: How then is one to turn to the supernatural without the earthly shell suffering damage in the process? Won’t the mixing of earthly emanations with ethereal energies have a destructive effect on ordinary people?

Such an assessment is wrong. The earthly and the supernatural are intertwined by the finest bonds. It is impossible to imagine that these connections would be disturbed, for such a disturbance would mean the downfall of the earth. One must not imagine that the knowledge of the supernatural is peculiar only to exclusive organisms. Everyone who begins to think about the supernatural will inevitably experience luminous insights into the glorious side of life.

Ask those for whom the supernatural has become something normal. They will say that from an early age they have thought about the glorious sky, about the stars and a mysterious teacher who lives somewhere. Such thoughts have been brought to these children on earth because they received no impulses from their families. And so begins a great process of harmonising the two worlds.

Some detach themselves from the germs of the expansion of consciousness from the seventh year of life and sink into a lower nature from the second cycle of seven. But others are able to maintain the connection with the supernatural, and then the subtle signs increase. Where a natural attitude towards it has developed, there have been no forced exercises. Such a natural relationship alone will correspond to evolution.

The Thinker spoke as He looked up at a glorious star: “If our wishes come true, one day I will be able to be on that glorious world.”