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Energy issues and a way forward for governments


This text is written on the basis of contemporary theosophy and deals with the physical energy problem of the present time.

The role model function of democracies as a form of government has almost disappeared. Long-term perspective plans can hardly be realised due to the ever-present threat of the next election.

The respective oppositions lose themselves in populist criticism and make demands that fundamentally contradict the actions they would take in a government themselves.

Autocratic governments are not the answer to the problem, whether kleptocratically underpinned, religiously fundamentalist or politically ideologically based. Anyone interested will recognise this from the current world situation. The majority of non-democratic or sham-democratic forms of government can be attributed to the above-mentioned three categories and their hybrid forms alone.

The media now produce governments themselves without having to bear the responsibility. Lies and falsifications hidden in supposedly objective information are the daily practice. In the media of all kinds, ugly content drives whole nations into lies and hatred.

In the economy, short-term profit and the blocking of necessary changes continue to rule. The saying: “The market will fix it” does not work (anymore).

The short-sightedness of many business leaders and their drifting into conspiracy conglomerates, currently exemplified by the USA (see Tesla), is an evil. Business leaders increasingly see themselves arrogantly as “above politics and government”.

But now there is a climate emergency on the planet and planned actions with a time horizon of around 20 years are needed.

With democratic forms of government, there is the possibility of large coalitions in a non-partisan government in appropriately constituted countries, as is the tradition in times of war. We are at war, even with ourselves.

How is this supposed to succeed? It can succeed if those involved agree on the preservation of the planet as a task, have the grandchildren in mind (the acknowledgement of repeated earth lives is helpful here) and renounce any religious or political fundamentalism.

What are the answers in economic matters? The state can act as a start-up and invest, with the promise to sell the resulting business to the economy after an appropriate period of time. We will give examples in relation to the energy issue. This will not be palatable to business leaders, but they can contribute with their know-how and take over the new industry later. The state can be a good founder of an economy, but experience shows that it is not a good entrepreneur in the long run.

With regard to the media, apart from many corrections (how do you change the mental state of eternally nagging journalists?), it may be necessary to introduce the unconditional proof principle for a disseminated message. The trials against the website (Alex Jones) for lying about the school massacre in the USA show the way. The clear distinction between lie and opinion must be legally tested and a lie, once exposed as such, must be prosecuted by the state, regardless of the medium. The claim that one can only express an opinion when lying is adolescent mumbo-jumbo. Offenders of this kind from other states who evade justice must be blocked from the media. Freedom of speech yes, freedom to lie no. Every young person will be able to recognise and judge this difference.

In depth, this text focuses on the energy issue and it is from this perspective that the points made so far are considered. Of course there are other perspectives, but do they do justice to the burning world problem?

As an entrepreneur, the state has to distinguish between running costs and investments in its financial policy. It should finance the investments itself and refinance them through the revenues from them.

For the Western states market with a bipartisan government and an advisory scientific body, the following energy projects lend themselves as start-ups for immediate implementation:


As a larger solution:

This is about real possibilities to store large amounts of energy. Such deep areas could be artificially created on brownfield sites.

Here is an example of a decentralised option:,salt%20is%20in%20liquid%20form.

Salt storage of this kind can optimally supplement the supply of family homes. The state could take over production and installation as a licensee. If the storage is heated with regionally recurring surplus wind energy in the north, it would be an optimal supplement. In the south, the overproduction of solar energy, for example on Sundays, could be used. Decentralised small units secure the transformation towards 100 per cent ecological energy supply.

Here is one of the possible super-sized options:,climate%20change%20is%203%2C5%20percent.

Not much needs to be said about this. Here, the state is in demand, since the optimal locations for Europe are in Spain, Italy and, in terms of area, in North Africa. For the USA, there is enough devastated land in the south due to overexploitation. If the state acts as a partner and makes appropriate contracts, this should succeed on a fair basis in Africa. Here, too, a state start-up as a licensee would be a sensible solution.

This article is about the optimal way to transport generated energy in liquid form. The approach described here of using ammonia and only processing it into hydrogen on site is technically an optimisation and facilitates transport.

It is not far from ammonia to this transformation process. Denmark wants to cover a large part of its energy needs in biogas production through the liquid manure produced in pig fattening. This is transferable to many countries and offers the possibility of additional energy supply in regional focal points.

This form offers optimal wind energy generation. As described in the article, large-scale use at particularly suitable locations is conceivable. Before this innovation disappears into thin air because it is bought up, the state should secure the patent rights and begin initial production in its own start-up. In such a process, the experience gained can be incorporated into the subsequent production series and thus contribute to optimisation.

Every reader is given the opportunity to translate the articles mentioned into his or her own language (automatically via google translate, for example).

These are examples from the European area and there will be others internationally that can be found. However, there is also a need to warn against fraudulent “inventions”. Unfortunately, there are examples of this in the USA in particular. The willingness to speculate with venture capital is a tempting opportunity for fraudsters to create bogus inventions.

In order for the big corporations not to let innovations with too little profit “fall by the wayside”, the states or confederations of states are in demand. To make this possible, cross-party governments working in the medium term are needed over a period of 10-20 years, instead of just for one legislative period.

If the cited possibilities are implemented by states, i.e. if energy is sufficiently and ecologically available, the production of food for all people will become possible, because then the greening of deforested areas can be started by using desalinated sea water. The more this renaturation proceeds, the more nature will return to normal and allow rain and sun to take effect in mild alternation.

In terms of world politics, those states whose economies are based on the sale of fossil energies will have to go through a painful process. A separate analysis on this could follow later.

What are the prospects for implementing these possibilities? At the moment, rather very slim. There is a lack of people who apply their thinking to triggering the necessary processes in this direction. The great possibility of bringing about the transformation of the old into the future through united thinking is not yet grasped with sufficient compactness. A few thousand thinkers would suffice who daily devote a few minutes of their lives to it, and this without flagging. The text given here in its entirety, in the sense of the Theosophical (Uranian), is intended to bring this about. The mantram (and later possibly others) is a highly effective way for thinkers of all sexes to “push” this.

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