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The Wanderer, 146

Society of Theosophy

Urusvati has notes pertaining to certain days of the Great Pilgrim, and has preserved His Image in her mind. The Great Pilgrim chose the fervor of great spiritual achievements, which were crowned with amazing success. Those who worship Him fail to understand that He dealt directly with the common people, and that He laid the foundation for a new understanding of the position of woman.

In the ancient Apocrypha one can find mentioned certain stories that were preserved by His faithful followers. It would be a mistake to reject the so-called Apocrypha, for who can prove that they are false? They may be fragmentary and may have been written at different times, but they are based upon treasured memories. The quality of devotion is little appreciated.

Despite the slander of enemies and the errors of His followers the Beautiful Image remained luminous. Thus we may approach the Great Ones, and no one is forbidden to emulate Them in the proper way.

It should be pointed out that the main Teaching was given by Him when He was in His subtle body. This consummation corresponded fully with the brilliant Truth proclaimed by Him.

Wisely He gave a simple word to the people regarding the foundations of life. It was possible for only a few followers to be entrusted with the Teaching that came from the Subtle World since, in accordance with tradition, the Teaching was transmitted orally. However, the Apocrypha do not contain His last instructions, which dealt with the power of thought and would not have been understood by the majority of people. The Teacher knew that ignorance could distort Truth and that only harm would result.

The manifestations in the subtle body were the pinnacle of His Great Achievements. The Teaching was continued without interruption, and some hints indicate that even the disciples were startled by His powerful manifestations. One of the Apocrypha describes how some of them collapsed, while others died from the shock. Yet the most amazing, significant fact is that the Teaching survived, and no distortions could obscure it.

It does not matter that people misrepresented the Beautiful Image in their clumsy efforts to depict Him. The Images familiar to us do not resemble the Great Pilgrim. Some may ask why His true Image has not been restored. But portraits seldom bear a true resemblance, because people usually prefer the Image that most pleases them. The most accurate depictions are not generally known.

Nor did people accept the true way of life of the Great Pilgrim. They would not believe that He worked hard and had more than one skill. One could find in His land a great variety of ceramic objects created by His own Hands. These objects became healing talismans. But who knows now about these benevolent signs? The path of the Great Pilgrim was filled with benevolent signs.