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The Wanderer, 153

Theosophical Association in the US

Urusvati knows from the Apocrypha that certain people wanted to acclaim the Great Pilgrim as the People’s Hero. Such a wish is often expressed in connection with a Great Teacher, but this can lead to sad misunderstandings. A Great Teacher is certainly a hero and a leader, but people usually cannot comprehend the true significance of these concepts, and thus is woven the crown of thorns.

Urusvati heard the voice of the Great Pilgrim; how could such a voice belong to a mere leader of crowds? It was precisely the crowds that were the cause of His particular sufferings, shouting in praise of His Kingdom, and then hurrying to His crucifixion. Thus, in their way, they helped to fulfill the prophecies. It is impossible to imagine what karma awaited those crowds of madmen! People are now witnessing events that have burdened the lives of many generations. This is not a punishment, but the consequence of the madness of free will. When I advise restraint from unwise words and thoughts, by this very request I make you think about the future.

The Teacher could have lived His Great Life without the crowds. Even those whom He healed polluted space with their threats and curses. Such a manifestation of free will may be called by many names, yet it remains a form of free will. It is correct to consider free will as the highest gift, but how wisely this precious treasure must be used!

In Our Treasuries there are many objects connected with the life of the Great Pilgrim, and it is amazing how well His emanations have been preserved during these many centuries. They are significant proof of the potency of accumulated psychic energy, which is deposited not only when the hand or breath intentionally sends forth the power, but even when unintended touches leave imperishable traces of the energy.

Thus you must remember the remarkable primal power of the Great Pilgrim.