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The Wanderer, 163

Books of Blavatsyk and Steiner

Urusvati knows that the best sayings of the Great Pilgrim and much of the most remarkable healing that He performed remained unrecorded. He not only spoke to the people and to His disciples, but also spoke privately to many others. Who, then, could have recorded these remarkable Teachings?

The Teacher did not speak about reincarnation to the people because in His country this truth would not have been understood. Even among the disciples very few could fully comprehend the Law of Reincarnation. Some sects knew about reincarnation, but the idea provoked strong arguments and the majority doubted, just as it doubts today.

The Teacher preferred to discuss those subjects that caused arguments with each person individually, for only in this way could he transmit the Truth according to the listener’s level of consciousness. There were many such talks with individuals, which at times dealt with elementary subjects. At other times highly educated philosophers came to Him. Some came timidly and only by night, while others were bold enough to come during the day. He practiced great patience with all of them.

One can imagine how filled His time was during that short life of heroic achievement. His disciples often wondered when He found time to sleep.

Much remarkable healing was performed unnoticed. People saw only the obvious things, such as the healing of insanity, of paralysis, blindness, and deafness. This healing impressed the crowds because it was plainly evident. Indeed, when the dumb began to speak and the lepers became clean, the crowds were stunned. But, from a scientific point of view, there was even more remarkable healing: the Teacher could stop the internal destructive processes just by the power of His will. Even His immediate followers could not fully appreciate such powerful manifestations, when at His Command, dead muscles began to move and afflicted tissues were healed.

The power of thought that was manifested in these cases was such that an ordinary man can only imagine it. Such influence cannot be called suggestion, but rather the victory of mind over matter. And now, when people begin to study the power of thought, they must pay homage to these remarkable victories of the mind. If a sense of co-measurement is a guiding principle, the energy will always accelerate through the shortest channels.