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Blavatsky’s way


Dear reader, you are new to this universal topic? Then consider a text like this as a suggestion and file it away to look at again later from time to time.

For the theosophically/esoterically interested sisters and brothers:

Blavatsky = H.P.B. = Blava = Upasika = Brother Chironymus = Cagliostro


Since Blavatsky’s last incarnation was in a male body, the masculine form of address is used in this text.

All these names appear in the diaries of H. Roerich, with the exception of Cagliostro as a previous incarnation, on which the Tibetan and R. Steiner comment.

It seems to make sense to start the presentation with the name Chironymus-Chiron-Cheiron.

Helena Roerich asks M. something about H.P.B. , recorded in the diaries. She mentions Blavatsky’s name and then says: “… or better Brother Chironymus? “.

Chiron from Greek mythology is an extraordinary centaur. His creation is bound up in mystery and he is considered the (only) centaur with a fundamentally good disposition. He is immortal and renounces this immortality after an injury inflicts him beyond repair. He combines the renunciation with a sacrifice by redeeming Prometheus from his chaining. (Via Wikipedia, the reader will find this presented more comprehensively. )

If a member of the world of the gods loses immortality, his extraordinary possibilities do not disappear. (Chiron was the teacher and educator of many Greek heroes. )

But now, as a logical consequence, he enters the wheel of rebirth and has to pass through the human kingdom in addition to his continuing specialised tasks. In the incarnations that now follow, in addition to the field of tension of extraordinary spiritual potentials, he must also accept and conquer the laws of the human “lowlands” without losing his spiritual status in the process. Three of these incarnations are known and important to us about the Tibetan and M.: Cagliostro, H.P.B. and a Hungarian one that followed him, about which little is known. The core point of all incarnations is the maturation to self-knowledge in the physical body about one’s own hidden spiritual status, which was not lost through the earlier sacrifice. For the inclined readers, the concept of nirmanakayas is offered here in relation to the initial status.

Whether this loss of immortality was really a loss or a consciously decided step in connection with the sacrifice for Prometheus, this text of M.’s from the diaries (has been published) could explain: The great life is created by the phenomenon of the Cosmic Magnet. Three planes are revealed to humanity to confirm all principles. Of course, it is easy for the spirit to aspire to the higher planes, but the lower, earthly pole is fixed as the decisive path. Only there, where light and darkness wrestle with each other, can the spirit make a free decision. Permeated by emanations of energies, the spirit can establish itself as an expression of striving. Only by sinking into the realm of earth can the subtlety of aspiration be manifested in the higher realms. Cosmic creativity requires wholeness of manifestation. Thus the spirit, which is composed of all cosmic energies, must pass through all cosmic stages. Purgatory must indeed be traversed by man, otherwise the spirit cannot enter the fateful world which encompasses all spheres. Therefore, the growth of the spirit is accelerated by obstacles.

Like every soul that wanders spiritually through earthly lives, he too must recognise himself in the whole. Rudolf Steiner says that H.P.B. became aware of this origin in the physical again in the course of the incarnation.

In the image of the centaur, an inherently tense character becomes visible and H.B.P. is definitely described as corresponding in this respect.

Now an insertion on the asteroid Chiron (now Cheiron) found in the 70s. In the meantime, it is recognised as an asteroid (dwarf planet) and in double appearance also as the largest known comet and even seems to have a ring system (Wikipedia is worthwhile). Concisely, its 50-year orbit intersects the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, those that are opposites (subtly speaking) in the evolution of the solar system. If in the description of Chiron in the Greek legend and the double character of the asteroid Chiron (Cheiron) lies an indication of H.P.B.’s special spiritual identity, this is a defining feature of his task or mission. Since H. Roerich, unchallenged by M., gives him the name Brother Chironymus, it can be assumed.

The journey for him begins through a sacrifice with the renunciation of the “immortality” existing for this status and a parallel course through the repeated earth lives, on the one hand as a strong spiritual entity and on the other hand as a necessity to spiritualise the assumed earthly shell in such a way that it can merge with the higher one. Much that is astonishing in the incarnations as Cagliostro and H.P.B. thus becomes more understandable. The direct, impetuous spirit, still at home on the Nirmanakaya plane, has to fit into the earthly laws of progress. The Brotherhood recognised and knew of the spiritual potential. It took its path through the Shamballa Ashram of M. (thus giving a clue to the “place” of the Nirmanakya group).

An insertion may be made at this point on the question of the immortality of high beings. In Tolkien’s wonderful work “The Lord of the Rings”, the sacrifice concerns Arwen. She gives up her immortality to bond with a highly evolved mortal. Unfortunately, Tolkien fails to point out the series of incarnations then applicable to her (was his inspiration still too European?), but this does not call into question the core of her spiritual origin. For them, too, the way back via parallel development is certain, if they do not completely fail in the Luciferian sense. The lack in The Lord of the Rings of emphasising reincarnation should now be remedied, for this wonderful work deserves it. Director Peter Jackson’s ingenious move of now putting Frodo’s dream about the shores beyond the sea on Gandalf’s tongue in the film, thus having him say that death is not an end, helps especially.

Almost all the explanations that now follow are based on Helena Roerich’s diaries and letters.

Of course, conclusions are the responsibility of the authors of the text, they are an offer to the reader to follow the linking thoughts or not.

One further insertion may be permitted. The Masters who came to Earth as Lords of the Flame and founded the Brotherhood did not lose their earthly (!) immortality, their incarnations are sacrifices from a different perspective (M. , K.H. , Plato, Hillarion). The 5th and then leader of the group became the fallen one. M. took over the leadership for him in Shamballa, his successor in this postion is K.H.

So H.P.B. entered through M.s Ashram with a task (mission) and the Brotherhood gave him the best possible support and guidance without restricting free will. He wanted help and received it. He needed knowledge and needed to study, he was given that opportunity. The Brotherhood planned an initiative at the nadir of the Kali Yuga for a renewed spiritual impulse into humanity. H.P. B. agreed to this task and was given a special physical/astral body which made phenomena possible (ectoplasm) which led to great attention in certain circles and were regarded as sensations. This was followed by writings and the Secret Doctrine, which remained unfinished. The result was the founding of the Theosophical Society, from which other important spiritual initiatives emerged in Metamorphoses.

He, H.P.B. , as Cagliostro had close contact with Master R. , with a Rosicrucian mission in Central Europe. This activity was connected with considerable difficulties for various reasons, which had aggravating effects as far as M. s ashram (Tibetans).

With the Master Serapis H.P.B. was in Egypt for a sighting of the possibilities there (Diaries H.R. ).

He had been in direct contact with M. and K.H. since early childhood. Both accompanied and supported him in the best sense.

With few exceptions, H.P.B. wrote the Mahata letters in his own composition and on his own responsibility, based on communication with them and study of the teachings (Tibetans).

During the four years that H.P.B. stayed in the secretive brotherhood to study, he was assisted by D.K. (Diaries and Tibetans).

The particular female-medium body led to major health problems that required frequent healing help from the Masters. Ultimately, exhaustion ended the incarnation earlier than expected, leaving the Secret Doctrine unfinished. Some of H.P.B.’s habits, such as smoking, contributed to this (Diaries).

As a consequence, the Brotherhood decided not to carry out any public action of this kind in the future (the purpose was to attract attention and to plant light in the darkness). For today, the living creative thought is considered the exclusive means of choice to reach humanity. No miracles (even if possible), no sensations in phenomena to reach people (diaries).

According to M., a special constellation for a favourable further incarnation of H.P.B. in Hungary arose at short notice. In this he attained liberation from the wheel of recurrence (4th stage) in the incarnation and gained access to the Himalayan Ashrams again in the physical body (letters of H. Roerich). This is not the end of his path, but a turning point for the necessary process described at the beginning. Now following incarnations are to be seen in freer choice and new perspective from expanded tasks. He succeeded in “restraining” the impetuous via the path of a human task and in bringing the two Centaurian elements into a synthesis, with the result of special possibilities.


Finally, one of M.’s essential statements should be pointed out: Quote: 27.7.29

The great order of Upasika (H.P.B.) is irrevocable (Diaries).

If his task is to be related to the aims of the Brotherhood, the naming of the aims of the Master of all Masters, the Christ, is a clue: Quote: “Encompassing, merging and uniting the undertakings of all these Ashram groups, there stands the living Christ, the Head of all Ashrams, the Master of all Masters, the Mediator between Shamballa and the Hierarchy and between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Will you gain an insight into the all-pervading conditions when I say that his work of mediation between Humanity and the Hierarchy was perfected and brought to completion by him when he was last on earth, and that he is now attaining to empowerment in the higher Mediation which will presently bring about a closer union of the Hierarchy with Shamballa? This mediatorial work, based upon the merging of the Spiritual Will (which he has already developed) with the Universal Will (which he is developing), denotes for him a goal which will find completion when he takes the Ninth Initiation. These are great mysteries and I only hint at them to convey to you a sense of the synthesis of the whole scheme and a recognition of the urge for good that pervades every aspect of planetary life, from the smallest atom through all the intervening forms, up to the planetary Logos itself.” The Tibetan Master in Cosmic Fire.

It is conceivable to assume the possibility of a share in this work for Brother Chironymus (H.P.B. ).