The Wanderer, 627


Urusvati knows that man must not only acknowledge the subtle energies but also support them. Does man have to be some giant to think about co-operation? In a well-constructed machine, every particle has its irreplaceable function. May man often see himself as a particle of the universe. He is capable of truly connecting his energy with the great universe. Thought is man’s best energy; he can pour it inexhaustibly into the vaults of the universe. Like a pillar of light, thought can soar and participate in the great energetic apparatus. Man’s duty is clear from his destiny, but the best duty is to his thought-energy. It is the consciously striving energy that can serve the connection with the Supreme World; this is true Yoga. Often have We spoken of the importance of consciousness; it has only an invigorating effect. Even the Prana has to be inhaled consciously.