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From Agni Yoga-Supermundane: Persecution


222. Urusvati knows that sometimes a single word can distort a whole doctrine about the origin of a cosmos. One philosopher, to shame his fellow-citizens, said, “You should once imagine the earth as if it were the centre of the universe, then you will realise the whole duty and responsibility resting on man.” But the followers omitted a single little word and a completely different world view emerged. Many examples can be given of how people distorted the meaning of a teaching by giving different meanings to the same words in different languages. But languages were many, and sometimes even neighbouring clans used their own expressions. In addition, there were [Russian original. page 203.] the so-called sacred languages used by adepts and hierophants. Some words then reached the people and were used without their original meaning. For the rest, a constant change of languages took place throughout the centuries. But let us not excuse unworthy acts too much with misunderstandings and different languages. Shameful acts were also based on ill will and envy. Let us investigate why the best people of all nations were persecuted. It can be seen that the mendacious accusations were almost identical everywhere and astonished by their untenability. Let us compare the reasons for which Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Socrates, Plato and other of the best men were persecuted. They were accused of almost the same charges. In subsequent centuries, on the other hand, recognition followed as if there had never been any vilification! It may be said that these high men of action found no place in the consciousness of other men, and the sword of the executioner was ever ready to bring down even the highest head. Pericles was recognised again after the people had driven him into imbecility. Only in this state could they recognise him as their equal. A book must be written on the causes of the persecution of great men. Only by comparing the causes can the path of evil will be revealed. I suggest that someone write this book. It would reveal that the persecution of Confucius and Seneca had an inner meaning. Our memory preserves many such results. Our sisters and brothers have not only once gone through such persecutions. One can also name Joan of Arc, Aspasia and a whole series of glorious women workers of different centuries. We do not regret such experiences, only renewed and deeper reflection became necessary in each case, since with each persecution the plan, which was in any case subject to haste, became more difficult. But this, too, We turn to good account.