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It is necessary to protect the comprehensive doctrine

Pictures Nicholas Roerich

The spiritualistic mediumistic development of the so-called “channeling” has produced, to say it carefully, a thicket of error and nonsense. Often it is recognizably stubborn motives that drive such personalities of “channeling”, which however recognizably lack the spiritual basis. Thus mainly in the “net” a, in the literal sense, bazaar has arisen, on which religiously mixed esotericism with always new additions has emerged.

We observe the obscure naming of an inflation of masters, rays and insane constructs such as interplanetary saucer traffic in the solar system. Every fictional science fiction movie is more logical.

This developed swamp of falsifications has the consequence that honest truth-seeking people get lost in an illusory world and hope to find salvation with ointments and waters, well-paid events as well as a never-ending flood of writings. They lose their common sense and mental and emotional health in the thicket of this content.

To “channel” supposedly means to establish a channel to masters. Now it is known that these masters work differently. The Bailey books of Master D.K. were dictated into the clairaudient ear or mentally. Helena Roerich received the Agni Yoga teaching in a similar way. R. Steiner went a different way, which lets assume that he himself had masterly abilities. Further, positive examples could be mentioned.

The so-called “channeling” of the personalities active in the “net” seems to function almost always like in an echo chamber. A wishful thought is emotionally generated and the echo gives the confirmation. The inflation of always new representatives of alleged truth lets all further answer with always new, partly abstruse constructions.

This development runs contrary to the necessity of spiritual teachings for the present time. Instead of more and more, the concentrated little is necessary. The planet earth is in a creeping fundamental crisis and mankind in a conspiracy maze. This crisis is greater than it was 90 years ago. A change is not to be found in the hereafter, but in the here and now. For this, however, it needs the basics of the existing spiritual teachings (as mentioned in book 1-3) and thus the repetition of the essential core truths about rebirth, religion and ethics. So not more, but less teaching, but more saving deeds. Who wants to penetrate into the teachings, will find enough material in the mentioned books.

The Brotherhood of Masters and their associates exist in spiritual ashrams, also called Hierarchy, both in the physical and in the subtle. The teaching given by the Tibetan Master D.K. through A. Bailey contains a scheme of the Masters in the Brotherhood and partly their names. There is nothing to add to this. The interested reader can find the scheme in the books. This Brotherhood mentioned is not Shamballa, but its most advanced members are also in Shamballa.

The personalities in the “net” mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, producing illusory truths, almost all deface the true terms and attributions.

May the following quotations from Agni Yoga throw an illuminating light on this state of affairs.