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The Wanderer, 155

The theosophical world view explained

Urusvati knows that animals long remember the emanations of their master. If this is true for the ordinary person, then how much more powerful must be the accumulated emanations of the Great Teacher! For this reason the Teachers must sometimes destroy personal possessions that have been imbued with their magnetic aura, in order to avoid the possibility of their intense emanations falling into the hands of the ignorant. Similar was the fate of the objects that had surrounded the Great Pilgrim. I say “surrounded” because He did not see them as His possessions.

Such rejection of possessions was natural for Him because His path was a path of striving.

History has recorded that objects belonging to the Teachers were scattered in various ways. For example, paintings by S.G. were left in France, England, Germany, and the Netherlands and attributed to others. Most of His paintings were destroyed by the artist, but a few were left with the Van Loo family.

One should carefully consider and understand the distribution of the magnets that were left by the Great Pilgrim. They are not many, but their places are significant. He instructed His disciples to carry such magnets to the far-off countries. It should be remembered how far His messengers went. People did not know them, but they sensed the significance of these envoys and hated them as they hate everything unknown.